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Elemental Digital Art (EDAsurf) was founded in 2005 by artist Sean D. Ruttkay to serve as a platform to promote the Aqueous Art concept.  Through the EDAsurf brand, Ruttkay has delivered ‘Aqueous Art’ installations to residential, corporate, and healthcare spaces worldwide from Singapore to Washington, D.C.  Always staying on the forefront of large format print technology, Ruttkay and his Aqueous Art continue to deliver a superior visual aesthetic.

About Sean Ruttkay the artist

Sean Ruttkay
Sean RuttkayOwner/Operator/Artist
Some believe that nature heals, that the warmth of a sunrise can soothe the soul, that salt water can wash away worries.  Artist Sean D. Ruttkay is one of those people. But when he graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2005, like most new graduates, Ruttkay wasn’t entirely sure how those ideas would shape the future or what those ideas might bring.  That all changed when he embarked on an ocean-crossing, trip through the islands of the Pacific with a high-resolution camera and water-housing.  Surfing some of the world’s most sought-after waves and traveling through nature’s most pristine landscapes, Ruttkay snapped frame after frame, and quickly realized his destiny.

Ruttkay Today


“The aesthetic of water comes intuitively to us all.   As the essential element to life, we feel it, see it, and drink it everyday.  The infinite colors, forms, textures and sounds of water have the power to stimulate minds, change moods, and even heal the sick.  Reproducing the powerful optic beauty of water is the mission of my work.  My tools, techniques, and display mediums are modern and original.  I invite you to view my pieces, and in doing so, register your own understanding of the aesthetic power of water.” – Sean D. Ruttkay
  • The aesthetic of water is intuitive to us all
  • Visually water has the power to stimulate minds, and change moods
  • Capturing and reproducing the powerful optic beauty of water is the mission
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