Holiday Surf Art Building

In the middle of the ocean far, far away a strong wind blows over calm open water slowly building energy. With the first breath of wind, this discombobulated mess of choppy, hectic energy journeys outward to all earthly corners. With time and direction, this disorganized force is modded into a distinct form of mass as its energy is consolidated.    Finally, with climactic drama, this foreign power meets its end in a crescendo of  beauty on the banks of a distant land. This life cycle of the wave can be analogized to many aspects of life, but it’s the holiday creation and production of EDA Surf art that my tale parallels most.

Big pieces and Raffle Tickets

Big pieces and Raffle Tickets

  With 39 days until Christmas morning, the wind in the EDA Surf Art Studio has begun to blow.  Our goal: To have over 100 pieces of premium handmade, water pieces in stock by Dec. 1st, turning this current hectic mess of a production studio into a clean tranquil environment for you to come and get conceptually barreled while you do your holiday shopping.  

The Oblinger Family Stoked at the EDA Surf Art Studio.

The Oblinger Family Stoked at the EDA Surf Art Studio.

Aside from large piece for the wall we will also have hundreds of fresh cut ‘image coasters’ (5-$20) and signed 8×10 prints ($20) in stock.  But what’s really exciting is that for the first time ever EDA Surf will be giving away a massive custom piece, like the largest that can be made to fit your largest space in the house.  To enter the drawing and receive a raffle text all you have to do is shop in the physical EDA Surf Art Studio and spend $5 or more.  Then Christmas Morning in a social media post the winner will be selected at random.  Between now and then, you can check the EDA Surf ART forecast to begin to analyze your aesthetic preference and build the list you wish to receive or give in the crescendo of beauty that will be Christmas morning.

-Sean D. Ruttkay 

If you would like to make an appointment to visit the EDA Surf Art Studio please fill out the form below:






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