Linear Movement

The pillar of organic aesthetic form is the line.  In the morning over the ocean the horizon births a new day.  The tree shoots up, the river crawls down, the swell rolls through.  North to south, left to right, wherever we go, whatever we see, the linear path is undulating and driving.  The lined world mellows minds like an offshore wind soothes the sea.  It is intrinsic to our collective existence.  _MG_9684 3Flowing in moments, time moves linear with beginnings and ends constructing our perception of the universe.  It is intertwined in our DNA representing perfect order and stability.  Linear based ‘tranquil water’ Art by EDA Surf is inspired by this ancient knowledge.  Invite the salty linear path into your home, install and experience this conceptual powerhouse.  Live to follow the line less travelled.

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