Before our Surf Art makes it to your wall, all EDA Surf Installations should evolve through three essential stages:

  1. The Assessment

This stage in the development of your installation is the most important.  Here is determined where and what size installation will be most effective.   Ask yourself:  In what room do I spend most of my time?  What room needs to inspire most?  What size and color would flow best with the layout of the room and my other decor elements?

  1.  The Inspiration

After determining the scale of your installation, it is time to focus on what piece of EDA Surf Art delivers the highest degree of impact to you and your personal aesthetic sensibilities.  Are you the type of person that needs a little extra stimulus to get moving? Then you might want to think about installing a wave in your space.  Maybe you are looking for a more calming influence for your space -a place to focus. Then you might want to look at installing a linear, tranquil piece.  Each piece of EDA Surf Art is designed to take the mind of the individual to a state where only focused action follows the viewing experience, thus tapping the fluid natural powers found only in water.

  1. The Delivery & Installation

After your deep thinking in steps 1 & 2, number 3 is a breeze with EDA Surf delivery is free for the month of February and when you receive your exciting new art, hanging will be smooth and simple.  No worries!!

Like the art itself, the steps it takes to your wall are intuitive.  Let’s begin those steps together.

~Ruttkay / @edasurf

P.S. — The videos below are part of a on going film project called called ‘The Lighting Installations’.  In each piece you will see the 3 EDA Surf Installation steps performed in less than 15sec in a variety of different spaces.  Enjoy 🙂



Are you looking for a way to display art that will cover a large wall space, be easier to package and transport, and look amazing, all without slamming your art budget?  If so, EDA Surf has your art solution and it’s called a Diptych (2 part) or a Triptych (3 part) display methods.  The triptych and the diptych display methods date back to the dawn of Christendom. Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 7.06.35 PM Back then, the content being viewed was religious iconography vertically formatted to tall panels.  Shared amongst regional localities, these panels would be stacked and transported to churches where they would be displayed in sets of 2 and 3, covering a large expanse of wall space.  The major benefit with this display method is it’s logistical ease.  Single panels that would cover equivalent space would be extremely expensive (if not impossible) to ship and transport over long-distance.

In addition to this great utilitarian benefit, the triptych / diptych display methods also offer an additional visual boost to the original content.  When the original content is broken and fundamentally changed, the form and feeling can evolve into a new experience. While not all images lend themselves to separating into two or three parts, this method offers an opportunity to allow the larger scale of the art to enhance the viewing impact.  EDA Surf offers many breathtaking triptychs and diptychs upon request. If you are interested in taking your space to higher level of aesthetic consciousness, please contact us today.

-Sean D. Ruttkay