When we settled in Wilmington three years ago, I found myself…

When we settled in Wilmington three years ago, I found myself exploring Wrightsville Beach and particularly The Lighthouse’s outdoor area. It was there I first encountered the mesmerizing water art displays signed by a certain Ruttkay. A quick search led me to Global Surf, a hub connecting water enthusiasts worldwide, and there I found him: Sean Ruttkay, a local artist of my new home.

Meeting Sean was like reconnecting with a long-lost brother. Instantly, our conversation flowed freely, and I knew an incredible new friendship had begun. Upon meeting his family, it was evident that Sean and Cornelia were exemplary parents, a trait I deeply admire.

Now, our Wilmington Beach home is adorned with four classic Ruttkay pieces—each a treasured addition. Observing Sean’s meticulous installation process, I was particularly struck by his dedication to family, illustrated by a poignant pause to talk with his father during our setup.

Sean’s influence extended to our daughters, who now also display his work, and even to my social media habits—I joined Instagram just to follow his inspiring journey. His work ethic is as admirable as his artistry, which continues to grace the halls of UNCW, his alma mater, in a daily testament to his legacy.

Recently, I had the privilege of joining Sean at a Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser. Witnessing the community’s love for him and the prominence of his art throughout the event only solidified my view of him as a true rock star.

Thank you, Sean, for enriching my family’s life, and for being a brother in spirit. My support for you and your family is unwavering, today and always.

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