The peaceful, calming, powerful and healing nature of water is exemplified through Sean’s art photography…

Over a decade ago, while witnessing Sean’s swimming sessions at the YWCA Lower Cape Fear, I was introduced to his profound artwork and deep connection with water. Sean generously donated a piece to our Fluid Recovery/Flow Motion program, a water fitness initiative for breast cancer survivors. Drawing from their experiences, Sean’s artwork served as a beacon of inspiration, especially during the land segments of their classes.

My wife, Katie, and I were so moved by Sean’s portrayal of water in its myriad forms that we chose one of his pieces for our daughter’s nursery—a serene representation of a sunrise against a calm ocean. A testament to its tranquility, the artwork remains in her room, eight years later. Subsequently, we acquired a vivid piece of a crashing wave that Sean had contributed to a YWCA fundraiser. Our most recent acquisition, inspired by a mesmerizing photo Sean shared on Facebook, depicts a moonlit ocean with dunes and sea oats in the forefront. This triptych masterpiece now adorns a wall in our new home. Interestingly, the new occupants of our previous home were keen to purchase it, but its deep significance to us led us to retain it.

A heartfelt thank you to Sean for “Watering the Walls” of our lives and the community. His passion and reverence for water are both evident and infectious.

Warm regards, Lance, Katie, Cora, and Elise Tate.

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