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EDA Surf Art: Elevate Any Space. Be it a cozy home, a bustling office, or a tranquil wellness center, EDA Surf Art stands out as the pinnacle of decorative elegance. Deeply rooted in the tenets of Evidence-Based Design (EBD), our art harnesses the gentle allure of water, transforming any setting into a haven of restoration. Scientific research affirms that such environments not only bestow significant physiological advantages but also yield palpable positive results for their occupants. Choose EDA Surf Art and infuse your space with therapeutic beauty.

The Home

A contemporary Scandinavian-style dining room, adorned with a striking water art frame, rendered in vibrant blues. Expertly designed in 3D Water for a lifelike visualization.

Enhanced Well-being through Art
Achieving holistic wellness in the comfort of one’s home is paramount. Introducing EDA Surf Art to your living space bridges the gap between urban living and the calming embrace of nature. Research suggests that in built environments, art that encapsulates the essence of nature significantly boosts human well-being (Daykin et al., 2008).

Mood Elevation with Every Glance
A mere glimpse at EDA Surf Art can transform moments, elevating moods and enriching days. Numerous studies affirm that natural elements, particularly depictions of water, are potent tools for alleviating stress and introducing positive, wellness-promoting distractions in constructed settings (Ulrich 1991).

Quenching Innate Desires
Water vistas resonate deeply with humans universally. This profound connection is often attributed to an innate biological yearning for natural habitats, especially those brimming with water. In the maze of our constructed environments, we often find ourselves adrift from our natural compass (EO Wilson 1984). EDA Surf Art subtly fulfills this void, drawing the observer closer to their intrinsic nature, thus uplifting moods and fostering a sense of well-being.



Sleek office interior adorned with EDA Surf Art’s vibrant blue wave artwork, elegantly presented on a floating metal,

Refined Focus and Productivity
While it typically takes individuals 15-20 minutes to attain a state of heightened attention conducive to effective work, life’s distractions can disrupt this focus in mere moments. Interestingly, a simple gaze upon elements of nature, particularly water, has been proven to swiftly recalibrate one’s attention. The Attention Restoration Theory (ART) posits that viewing nature imagery can significantly bolster concentration levels (Kaplan, 1995).

Crafting a Lasting Impression
Research suggests that the most indelible feature of any business setting isn’t its furniture, color schemes, or even its front desk personnel, but rather the art it displays (Harris, McBride, Ross, & Curtis, 2002). EDA Surf Art doesn’t just fill a space; it creates a powerful visual statement, imprinting on visitors and employees alike. Beyond aesthetics, it encapsulates a brand’s essence in a subtly compelling manner (Hathorn et al., 2008).

Elevated Satisfaction for All
An optimal business environment prioritizes the comfort of both its clientele and staff. EDA Surf Art seamlessly infuses this essential comfort into any space. Empirical evidence underscores the transformative impact of art, especially when it showcases nature’s elements. Businesses that embrace such art witness marked spikes in customer satisfaction and employee morale (Ulrich et al., 2003).


EDA Surf Art’s tranquil water artwork graces the walls of a hospital waiting room, offering a serene sanctuary of peace amidst the backdrop of patient anxieties.

Therapeutic Visual Escape
Hospitals thrive on infusing positive, natural vibes. Artwork showcasing tranquil natural landscapes, such as those by EDA Surf Art, serve as uplifting distractions, offering solace to individuals navigating challenging moments (Hathorn et al., 2008).

Artful Navigation
Navigating vast hospital corridors can be daunting. EDA Surf Art offers more than just visual appeal; it provides a solution to this common issue. Our art pieces, depicting serene natural scenes, double as recognizable landmarks, simplifying wayfinding within large facilities (Hathorn et al., 2008).

At the heart of EDA Surf Art lies the visionary talent of artist Sean D. Ruttkay. Our mission transcends mere decoration; we aim to metamorphose spaces – be they cozy corners or vast expanses, indoors or out – into healing sanctuaries.

Harnessing the raw energy of nature, particularly the ethereal essence of water, our art breathes life and tranquility into every space. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about invoking an elevated consciousness within urban constructs.

Each meticulously crafted print from EDA Surf Art is more than a visual treat. It serves as a portal, drawing the onlooker into the mesmerizing depths of water, and in the process, rejuvenating the very spirit of its beholder. Dive into our collection and let your soul be cradled by the gentle waves of artistic mastery.

Sean D. Ruttkay: From Waves to the Wall

Father. Surfer. Artist. These are but a few words that encapsulate the essence of Sean D. Ruttkay. Yet, before these titles, there was another – “dyslexic.” A label imprinted on Sean in his early schooling years, casting doubt over his academic future.

Recalling his past, Sean says, “Many believed that someone with my level of dyslexia would struggle to reach college. However, the solace I found in swimming, and later the embracing arms of surf culture, helped me surge past these challenges. The very essence of water became my savior.”

Such was Sean’s bond with the ocean that he achieved an academic milestone, graduating from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a Special Education Teaching Degree, emphasizing dyslexia. But following this achievement in 2005, a new calling beckoned.

Driven by his deep connection with water, Sean embarked on a transformative journey, establishing Elemental Digital Art (EDA Surf Art). His goal was clear: infusing water’s tangible power into urban spaces via mesmerizing art installations. And he succeeded. Since its inception, EDA Surf Art has graced thousands of spaces with holistic water art, spanning from Singapore’s bustling streets to the historic corridors of Washington, D.C. Whether it’s a home, corporate office, or healthcare facility, Sean’s evocative pieces transform environments, invoking profound, mood-enhancing experiences.

Today, Sean’s life is a harmonious blend of his art and family. Residing in Wilmington, North Carolina, he shares his life’s journey with his wife Cornelia, daughter Nealie (11), and sons Dax (9) and Agustus (4).

Meet Ruttkay

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Floating Glass


  • Floating Glass
  • Silver Infused Media Face Mounted to Diamond Clear Plexiglass
  • “floats” off the wall .75″
  • min size – 8″x10″ \ MAX size – 4’x8′
  • Pricing – $$$$
  • Ships Worldwide
  • EDA Exclusive
  • Artist singed

Weatherproof Aluminum


  • Weatherproof Aluminum
  • ‘Guaranteed Weatherproof’ 5 years in direct sun
  • custom & hand made by EDAsurf  
  • stands off the wall .75″ \ 1.5″ \ 3″
  • min size – 8.5″x12″ \ MAX size – 4’x8′ per
  • Pricing – $$$
  • Ships Worldwide
  • EDA Exclusive
  • Artist signed

Canvas Prints


  • Canvas Prints
  • available stretched or rolled
  • stretched stands of the wall .75″ \ 1.5″ \ 3″
  • min size – 8″x12″ \ MAX size – 36″x54″
  • Pricing – $$
  • Ships Worldwide
  • Artist signed

Archival Prints


  • Kodak Archival Prints
  • comes in standard frame sizes
  • min size – 8″x10″ \ MAX size – 4’x8′
  • Pricing – $
  • Ships Worldwide
  • Artist signed

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