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Welcome to the North Carolina 2 Molokai Team Webpage. Rob Brown, with the assistance of Sean Ruttkay, are embarking on an extraordinary journey to compete in the Molokai 2 Oahu (M2O) Paddleboard World Championships. This mission represents the culmination of their dedication to water sports and their commitment to pushing the limits. Join us as we follow their training, preparation, and ultimate quest for greatness in this prestigious 32-mile race across the Ka’iwi Channel between the Hawaiian islands of Molokai and Oahu on July 28, 2024.


Water Fit: Your Training Grounds for Water Sports Excellence

Welcome to Water Fit, your exclusive access to the daily training regimen of Rob Brown and Sean Ruttkay as they prepare for the Molokai 2 Oahu (M2O) Paddleboard World Championships.

Our Mission: Water Fit is a platform to educate and inspire the community about the dedication and effort required to train for a World Championship paddleboard race. Our goal is to showcase the physical and mental challenges of the training process, encouraging viewers to get “water fit” themselves.

Join Us on the Journey: Step into Water Fit, where you’ll have exclusive access to the daily training regimen of Rob and Sean. Witness their dedication, perseverance, and expertise as they prepare for the M2O race. Gain insights into their training techniques, fitness routines, and mental preparation, and be inspired by their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Supporting Our Mission: In addition to providing valuable insights into their training, Water Fit is also a fundraising initiative to support Rob and Sean’s trip expenses to Hawaii for the M2O race. If you enjoy the videos and want to contribute to their cause, please consider donating any amount you feel appropriate by clicking the red button on our site.

Water Fit Series: Episode 1 – The ART of Flip Turns

Join Rob Brown and Sean Ruttkay in the first episode of the Water Fit series as Sean coaches Rob on mastering flip turns. Learn how to maximize pool coverage and improve swimming efficiency, essential skills for the Paddle Board World Championships.

Water Fit Series: Episode 2 – Underwater Breath Work with Weights

In the second episode of the Water Fit series, Rob Brown coaches Sean Ruttkay on underwater breath work with weights. Discover techniques for holding your breath underwater while in motion, a crucial skill for activities like big wave surfing hold-downs.

Water Fit Series: Episode 3 – Airslate Bike

Join us for the third episode of the Water Fit series, where we introduce the Airslate Bike. Learn how this innovative equipment can enhance your training regimen for the Paddle Board World Championships, helping you achieve peak performance.



The M2H Water Fitness Experience

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Rob Brown and Sean Ruttkay in the North Carolina 2 Molokai Water Fitness Experience. Designed to immerse you in the world of water sports and fitness, this experience offers a unique opportunity to train alongside these accomplished athletes as they prepare for the Molokai 2 Oahu (M2O) Paddleboard World Championships.

Objective: Provide an immersive water fitness experience for participants, promoting health, wellness, and water sports.

Experience Details

  • Pool or Ocean Swim Workout (5:30-6:30): Dive into swim training and coaching led by Sean Ruttkay, drawing from his 25 years of competing at an elite level and 15 years of coaching swimming.  Participants will train alongside Rob and Sean during their morning practice.  Typical distance covered  4000 yards.
  • Paddleboarding Session (8:00 am-10:00 am): Learn paddleboarding techniques and receive coaching from Rob Brown, a world-renowned big wave surfer with over 25 years of elite surfing experience.  Paddel with Rob and Sean during this distance session up to one mile off the coast of Wrightsville Beach.  Participants will depart from Rob’s dock off Airlie Road.
  • Sauna Workout (10:00-11:00): Experience a unique sauna workout combined with weights and an ice bath for an intense post-workout dopamine release, curated to enhance your physical and mental well-being.
  • Healthy Lunch 11:00 am-11:30): Indulge in a healthy lunch from a local restaurant.
  • Massage: 11:45 am-1:00 pm:

    Unwind with a relaxing massage conducted by one of Wilmington, NC’s top masseuses. This rejuvenating experience will help relax your body and mind after the day’s activities.


  • One person: $1200
  • Two people: $2000
  • Three people: $2500

Social media and water photo documentation service included. Plus, receive the 2024 North Carolina 2 Molokai Race T-shirt, designed by local artist Jared Weinstein.

Booking and Contact: To reserve your spot in the North Carolina 2 Molokai Water Fitness Experience, please push the button below for a seamless and personalized experience for all participants.

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