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Step into “Speaking from Water,” where host Sean Ruttkay engages with aquatic legends – from daring big wave surfers to skilled water photographers and surf lifesaving champions. In each immersive, long-form interview, uncover captivating life stories, unique methodologies, and boundless inspiration. Join us for compelling conversations that explore the depths of their experiences and the thrill of their expertise in the water.

In this thrilling episode of “Speaking From Water,” we’re joined by the acclaimed water photographer Guy Williment, who, alongside Spencer Frost, is currently making waves globally with the award-winning surf movie they produced titled “Kamchatka”. EP25 delves into Guy’s recent tour across America, as his transformative experiences in Yosemite, and the stark contrasts between Australian and American landscapes. From childhood memories by the ocean to the pivotal moment he first held a camera, Guy’s journey is as deep and compelling as the oceans he captures. Guy opens up about his travels with Spencer Frost, including their first trips together and the decision to venture to the awe-inspiring terrains of Iceland. Listen in as he recounts their adrenaline-fueled swims, their intense Kamchatka experience, and how these adventures contributed to creating “Kamchatka” – the most popular surf movie of the year, now available on Prime Video. Discover Guy’s approach to swim training, his evolving artistic philosophy, and his aspirations for the future. Beyond the lens, Guy shares his other passions, favorite shooting waters, perspectives on the business side of photography, and his thoughts on what makes a great travel photographer. He also reveals his favorite book and dream destinations yet to explore. As a finale, Guy offers his personal take on life’s meaning, all while acknowledging those who have supported his journey. 🌟 Don’t Miss This Episode: Immerse yourself in the world of Guy Williment and Spencer Frost – from capturing breathtaking ocean scenes to creating globally acclaimed surf films. Tune in to EP25 of “Speaking From Water” for an inspiring journey through photography, adventure, and the art of storytelling. Watch Now: Experience the aquatic adventures and artistic insights of Guy Williment, and witness his award-winning work in “Kamchatka” on Prime Video.

Dive into the captivating world of freediving with Alex Llines in Episode 22 of our podcast, “Speaking From Water”. Alex’s story is one of profound connection with the ocean, an affinity that began on the sandy shores of Colombia and propelled him into the depths of self-discovery and extraordinary human achievement. In this episode, we explore the pivotal moments that shaped Alex’s life and passions. From early memories of swimming and surfing in Barranquilla to overcoming the turbulent currents of life – including a heart-wrenching battle with cancer and a brush with immigration challenges – Alex’s narrative is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. With every breath, Alex shares not only the techniques that have allowed him to hold his breath for astonishing lengths but also the mental fortitude required to do so. His insights delve into the intrinsic link between the discipline of freediving and the art of living fully, embracing every moment above and below the surface. Join us as we navigate through Alex’s incredible journey, where each dive teaches us about the depths of perseverance, the importance of a supportive community, and the lessons learned when life’s pressures feel as immense as the ocean’s depths. Like, share, and subscribe to join us on this and future journeys, as we bring stories from the depths to the surface, speaking from water to the soul.

In Episode 21 of “Speaking From Water,” host Sean Ruttkay sits down with Tasmanian surf photographer, Mathew Tildesley. From his beginnings as a young bodyboarder riding intense slabs, Tildesley shares his journey to becoming a renowned water photographer. After years of pursuing what he deemed a “dead end” in capturing surfers on waves, he shifted his lens to photographing empty waves. But then, a revelation struck – he had to invent a lightbulb. And so he did. Over three years, he meticulously designed an underwater remote-controlled light strobe. The final product was revolutionary. Alongside his photo assistant, Tildesley would venture into the Tasmanian sea at night. They’d anchor near a remote rock slab, and swim out to face a ten-foot crashing wave, positioning themselves on opposite sides of it. As the wave surged and Tildesley clicked the shutter, the strobe would burst into life, revealing a luminous barrel of the wave. The resulting images are unparalleled in their beauty. Dive into this episode to discover more about this fascinating journey.

Dive into the mesmerizing world of big-wave surf photography with Maria Fernanda Bastidas, one of the world’s top in-the-water photographers. From her early days as a competitive swimmer to her thrilling journeys to surf meccas like Tahiti, Oahu’s north shore, and Puerto Escondido, Mexico, Maria Fernanda’s ability to capture the essence of these surf spots is exceptional. Join us as she unravels the secrets behind her incredible water shots, shares her experiences overcoming adversity, and offers valuable insights into surf culture and the business of surf photography in 2023. Ride the waves with us and discover the art and passion behind Maria Fernanda’s remarkable career. Like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to stay updated with more captivating episodes on the Speaking From Water Podcast!

Dive into the depths of aquatic legends’ stories with host Sean Ruttkay in Episode 18 of “Speaking from Water.” From fearless big wave surfers to skilled water photographers and surf lifesaving champions, each immersive, long-form interview is a captivating journey into their lives and expertise. 

In this episode, we are honored to have Jaimal Yogis as our special guest. He’s not just an acclaimed author but also a prominent figure in the world of surfing and mindfulness. Jaimal is best known for his enlightening book, “All Our Waves Are Water: Stumbling Toward Enlightenment and the Perfect Ride,” published in 2017. 

This memoir beautifully intertwines Jaimal’s personal experiences with the art of surfing and his profound spiritual journey. Delve into themes of adventure, self-discovery, and the relentless pursuit of meaning through the unique lenses of surfing and meditation.  Jaimal Yogis’ thought-provoking insights and captivating storytelling have garnered him widespread recognition. His influence extends beyond this book, as he has authored several other impactful works exploring the intersection of surfing and mindfulness.

If you’re seeking boundless inspiration and a deeper understanding of the water world, don’t miss this compelling conversation with Jaimal Yogis. Join us as we explore the exhilarating depths of his experiences and the thrill of his expertise.  Hit the notification bell and subscribe to “Speaking from Water” for more insightful interviews with aquatic legends, and let’s embark on a journey to discover the extraordinary within the world of water.


Welcome to “Speaking from Water,” the podcast that takes a deep dive into the captivating world of aquatic legends. In this immersive, long-form interview series, we unravel compelling life stories, distinctive methodologies, and endless inspiration from individuals who have forged a profound connection with the aquatic realm. Join us today as we embark on a voyage to the depths with none other than Darrick Doerner, affectionately known as “Double D,” an iconic figure in the exhilarating domain of big wave tow-in surfing. In this enthralling episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with Darrick Doerner, a name synonymous with big-wave surfing and an all-encompassing waterman. Darrick’s journey into the world of water sports is a chronicle of passion, devotion, and an unwavering quest for perfection. Join us as we embark on an expedition through the remarkable chronicle of Darrick Doerner, an authentic waterman whose unwavering commitment to water safety and relentless pursuit of excellence transformed the landscape of surfing. In this episode of “Speaking from Water,” we delve into the exhilarating highs and daunting trials that accompany the relentless quest to conquer mammoth waves and inaugurate a new era of aquatic exploits. Prepare to be galvanized by the fearless spirit of a man who has truly conversed with the water, etching an indelible imprint on the realm of water sports. Stay tuned for this riveting conversation that immerses us in the life and expertise of Darrick Doerner, a bona fide legend amid the undulating waves. LINKS: https://www.instagram.com/darrickd https://www.instagram.com/hawaiisurfi… https://hawaiisurfingmuseum.org/

Join host Sean Ruttkay in an insightful podcast as he chats with Professional Life Saving Champion Sam Hensen-Thompson. Discover Thompson’s latest USLA Championships win his winning strategies and future goals in Australian surf rescue. Don’t miss this inspiring long-form conversation.

In this podcast, award-winning surf photographer Sean Davey details his aesthetic of water through the mindset of an editorial water photographer to that of a self-reliant modern artist. With over 140 cover shots and thousands of art pieces installed Davey delivers words of inspiration in this long-form water-focused podcast. Join us now.

In this podcast, professional surfer Jamie Mitchell describes his early life growing up on the Gold Coast of Australia. It was there where he fostered his competitive spirit, love of the ocean, and skills that took him to the top of the largest waves ever ridden. Mitchell also sheds light on what it takes physically and mentally to win world-class endurance races as well as paddle surf mountain-sized waves. Join us now for this incredibly inspirational podcast.

In this podcast, surf photographer Scott Sullivan discusses his exceptional life trailblazing the elite world of snowboarding in the ’90s to his current process of shooting extreme waves like the Banzai Pipeline. Sullivan also goes deep into his past relating how growing up with ADHD in the ’80s and discovering punk rock affected and informed the course his life took. Join us now for this inspiring and informative conversation.

In this episode, artist Sean Ruttkay speaks with Surf Photographer Nicole Nason from the North Shore Oahu, Hawaii. Nicole goes deep on how she got started shooting water from a photo and video perspective, life as a young world traveler, and where she sees the industry going now and in the coming years. Join us now for this inspirational conversation.

In this episode, artist Sean Ruttkay speaks with Australian Surf Photographer Matty Dunbar of Narrabeen, NSW, Australia. Matty details his time shooting on tour with the World Surfing League (WSL), gives us his history from curious kid to expert water lensman, and informs us how he goes about shooting the epic breaks of Australia. Join us now for this intriguing conversation.

In this episode, artist Sean Ruttkay speaks with Australian Surf Photographer Peter Jovic. Jovic details the many epic surf breaks in the region along, gives us his history from ocean-loving kid to expert water lensman, and informs us how he goes about shooting slabs. Join us now for this epic conversation.

In this episode, artist Sean Ruttkay speaks with India’s first surf photographer Rammohan Paranjape (aka RAM). In this podcast, RAM discusses the current state of surf culture in India, where it has come from, and his own journey along the way. RAM also speaks about some of India’s greatest surf breaks and how he shoots them from the water.

 Website: https://whoisram.com/

Speaking from WATER episode 5 with Surf Photographer D.J. Struntz of Wrightsville Beach, NC

In this episode, artist Sean Ruttkay speaks with legendary surf photographer D.J. Struntz of Wrightsville Beach, NC. Struntz is an internationally award-winning photographer who has traveled the globe to over 50 countries as a staff photographer for Surfing Magazine, Globe International, Hawaii Skindiver and has appeared on NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, and FOX. In this episode, Struntz reviews his trailblazing career, artistic prosses, and philosophy in this hour-long educational session.


Global Surf Gallery: https://globalsurfgallery.com/pages/d-j-struntz

IG: https://www.instagram.com/djstruntz/

Website: https://www.djstruntzphoto.com/

Speaking from WATER episode 4 with Surf Photographer Alan van Gysen of Cape Town, South Africa

In this episode, artist Sean Ruttkay speaks with legendary surf photographer Alan van Gysen of Cape Town, South Africa. Alan van Gysen has been at the top of the surf photography game for decades. He has traveled the world with surfing best and is a true samurai master of water photography. In this episode, van Gysen reviews his epic travels, lifestyle, and world philosophy in this hour-long educational session.


IG: https://www.instagram.com/alanvangysen/?hl=en

Links: Art: https://globalsurfgallery.com/pages/alan-van-gysen

Move: https://www.surfline.com/surf-news/watch-origins-skeleton-bay/101761

Speaking from WATER episode 3 with Ocean Photographer Jay Greiner of Honolulu, Hawaii

In this episode, artist Sean Ruttkay speaks with ocean artist Jay Greiner from Honolulu, Hawaii. Greiner is an expert at shooting dolphins, whales, and sea turtles in pristine tropical locations. Greiner tells his story of discovering photography only after an accident left him in a state of coma, and details his recovery and newfound purpose in life he found from his near-death experience. His photographic process technique and style are all methodically reviewed in this hour and a half-long educational session.

Links: Art: https://www.jaygreiner.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/jaymgreiner/

Speaking from WATER episode 2 with guest Pedro Gomes from Chiba, Japan

In this episode, artist Sean Ruttkay speaks with surf artist Pedro Gomes from Chiba, Japan. They discuss how Gomes went from living in Brazil to starting a thriving surf photography business in coastal Japan. His photographic process technique and style are all methodically reviewed in this hour and a half-long educational session.

Speaking from WATER episode 1 with guest Scott Harrison from Newcastle, Australia

In this episode, artist Sean Ruttkay speaks with surf artist Scott Harrison from Newcastle, Australia. They discuss how Harrison left his day job to enter the world of surf photography and where his passion for the water has taken him. His photographic process technique and style are all methodically reviewed in this hour-long educational session.