Philanthropic Art Initiative (PAI)

Welcome to a Movement of Artistic Healing

A Unique Fusion of Art and Philanthropy

Philanthropic Art Initiative (PAI) brings a revolutionary concept to the forefront: marrying the captivating beauty of 3D-Water art with a passionate commitment to supporting patient care and cancer research. Here, every artwork is not just a piece of beauty but a beacon of hope in the fight against cancer.

The Journey to a Philanthropic Art Initiative (PAI):

Last Thanksgiving, a special encounter led to the birth of the Philanthropic Art Initiative.  Artist Sean Ruttkay was introduced by Dr. Austin Yeargan to a mother whose son was battling cancer, the artist crafted a 3D-Water art piece to uplift his spirits. As a lover of the ocean, the realistic water art brought him a sense of relaxation and hope during his treatment.

Witnessing his transformative response to the art, Dr. Yeargan and Ruttkay were inspired to extend this healing experience to others affected by cancer. This marked the beginning of our initiative, blending art with philanthropy to bring comfort and aid to those in recovery.

Our Mission

Transforming Art into a Force for Healing

Our core mission is to harness the restorative essence of 3D-Water art, directing its potential toward accelerating cancer research and offering solace to those affected by this challenging journey. Your involvement as a collector isn’t just an acquisition of art; it’s a partnership in a profound cause.

The Artistic Process

Sean D. Ruttkay’s Masterpieces:

The Process: Crafting Liquid Illusion

Sean’s artistic process is a meticulous blend of capturing the ocean’s spirit and rendering it onto large metal canvases through sophisticated printing and texturing techniques. Each piece starts with Ruttkay’s vivid water photographs, meticulously color-sublimated onto large aluminum sheets. This choice of medium ensures a luminous and reflective quality, mirroring the fluidity of the subject matter. The transformative phase is the application of a glossy, clear medium, layered to mirror the water’s visual texture within the photograph. This method not only captures the image but also the spirit of the water, creating an illusion of perpetual motion and depth.  Ruttkay’s 3D-Water Art challenges and redefines the viewer’s perception. The interplay of light and texture in each piece creates a dynamic visual experience, inviting onlookers to question the boundary between the photographed water and its physical counterpart. It’s an immersive experience, where art becomes a portal to the aquatic world.

Collection Tiers and Your Contribution

Select Your Impact

Our exclusive collection is offered in four distinct sizes, each contributing significantly to cancer research and patient support:

Sponsorship Tiers with Pricing and Sizes:

  • Platinum Sponsorship ($10,000+): Sponsor an entire art series, gaining maximum visibility and impact. Art Size: Multiple pieces, large scale.
  • Gold Sponsorship ($8,500): Sponsor a single large-scale art piece, perfect for significant events or campaigns. Art Size: 48×96 inches.
  • Silver Sponsorship ($5,000): For targeted impact via medium-sized art projects. Art Size: 36×60 inches.
  • Bronze Sponsorship ($2,500): Support smaller, but impactful art initiatives. Art Size: 24×36 inches.

Two Ways To Give

  • Private Collection: Art is delivered,  installed, and enjoyed at any location of the donor’s choosing with proceeds going to a cancer charity of the donor’s choosing.
  • Direct Donation: Offer a piece directly to a cancer patient for inspiration and healing with proceeds going to a cancer charity of the donor’s choosing.

Delivery and Installation: A Personal Touch

Bringing Art to Your Space with Care and Expertise

At Philanthropic Art Investments, we understand that the acquisition of a 3D-Water piece by Sean D. Ruttkay is just the beginning of its journey. To ensure that your experience is as exceptional as the artwork itself, Sean personally oversees the delivery and installation process of each piece.

A Commitment to Excellence:

  • Personal Delivery by Sean D. Ruttkay: Every 3D-Water artwork is delivered directly to your location by the artist himself. This unique approach ensures that your artwork is handled with the utmost care and expertise from our studio to your space.
  • Expert Installation: Sean doesn’t just deliver; he also expertly installs each piece. His deep understanding of the artwork and its intended impact allows him to perfectly position and secure it in your chosen space, ensuring optimal visual and emotional effect.
  • Complimentary Service: This personalized delivery and installation service is offered at no additional expense to you. It’s our way of saying thank you for your support and ensuring that your experience with Philanthropic Art Investments is seamless and satisfying.
  • Social Media Documentation: To commemorate the journey of each artwork, Sean documents the delivery and installation process through social media videos. This not only captures the artwork’s transition into its new home but also allows you to share the experience with your network and the wider community.

Participating Charities

Joining Hands with Esteemed Organizations

We proudly partner with The UNC Children’s Hospital and the Liam Strong Charity (Fund Number: 345888) as our inaugural charity. Additional charities, as recommended by our collectors, will join this network of hope.

Financial Transparency and Impact

Your Investment in Healing and Research

We pledge full transparency in the allocation of funds from art sales, ensuring 50% of the total contribution goes toward cancer research, and 50% toward art production, and operational costs.

Join the Cause

Your Role in This Artistic Journey

As a collector, donor, or sponsor, your engagement with us goes beyond the art world into a realm of tangible impact in cancer care and research.

The Therapeutic Power of Art

Sean D. Ruttkay’s Creations: A Sanctuary for Healing

Sean’s art is more than a visual delight; it’s a source of comfort and peace, offering mental clarity, transforming healthcare spaces, and enhancing the well-being of cancer patients and healthcare providers alike.

The Artist: Sean D. Ruttkay

A Story of Resilience and Creativity

From overcoming personal challenges with dyslexia to finding his calling in the ocean and art, Sean’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of nature and art in healing and personal growth. His life in Wilmington, NC, with his family, reflects his dedication to art, nature, and the well-being of others.

Connect and Collaborate

Become a Part of This Healing Art Movement

We invite you to explore our collection, understand our mission, and join us in making a difference. Your participation as a collector or sponsor can set in motion waves of change, healing, and hope.

Philanthropic Art Investments