EDAsurf is your holistic ART solution...

Whether in a home, office, or wellness center, EDA Surf Art is the ideal decorative choice.  Influenced by the guiding principles of Evidence-Based Design (EBD), EDAsurf Art captures the soft fascination found in water and when installed transforms physical environments into restorative spaces. Numerous studies have shown that occupants of these spaces gain substantial physiological benefits as well as tangible positive outcomes.

Empirical Evidence

Enhanced Well-being – Achieving a state of wellness at home is vital.  Installing EDAsurf Art in the home can bring individuals closer to this state and faster than non-natural-based art.  Studies show that In the built environment, artworks depicting nature can contribute to a human’s well-being (Daykin et al., 2008).

Mood Enhancement – Just looking at EDAsurf Art can lighten moods and improve days.  Studies show that elements of nature and especially water or its views can be effective in reducing stress, as well as provide positive distractions that promote wellness in the built environment (Ulrich 1991).

Satisfies Desires – Visions of water have a powerful effect on humans across the population.  Some say this is due to our collective biological desire to be in a natural environment, typically one that has water in it.  So when we occupy the built environment we are naturally out of our natural comfort zone (EO Wilson 1984).  Installing EDAsurf Art subliminally satisfies and brings the viewer closer to a natural state, thus enhancing mood and general well-being.

The Office

Improved Attention – Typically it takes individuals 15-20mins to get to a state of attention where ‘work’ can be conducted effectively, however this state can be ruined in seconds with life’s distractions.  It is now known that simply looking at elements of nature, and more specifically water, can rapidly bring an individual back to an attentive working state.  Attention Restoration Theory (ART) asserts that people can concentrate better after looking at pictures of nature (Kaplan’s 1995).

Make An Impression – Studies show the most remembered aspect to any business is not the furniture, paint, or even the receptionist, it is the art (Harris, McBride, Ross, & Curtis 2002).  EDAsurf Art will leave a modern visual impact with customers and staff while holistically branding the business in a subtle effective manner (Hathorn et al., 2008).

Happy Customers & Staff – A business environment needs to be comfortable for both customers and staff.  EDAsurf Art induces and delivers this comfort simply and effectively.  Studies show that when art is installed depicting elements of nature, levels of customer satisfaction and employee job satisfaction increase substantially (Ulrich et al., 2003).


Lower Bottom Lines -Installing EDAsurf Art in a healthcare environment is an intrinsic long-term investment that will show on the facility’s P&L over time. Studies show that those with a pictorial view of nature suffered fewer complications, use less pain medication, and are discharged sooner.  Evidence also shows improvements in patients and staff safety, wellness, and satisfaction (Ulrich 1984).

Reduces Stress – The aesthetic presentation of water can powerfully change spaces and enhance the state of mind of those who encounter these aquatic visuals.  Elements of nature and especially that of water or its views can be effective at reducing stress and promoting wellness in the built environment (Ulrich 1991).

Positive Distraction – Hospitals need positive, natural energy. The beneficial impact of art depicting serene natural environments offers a positive distraction to those who may be in difficult circumstances (Hathorn et al., 2008).

Improved Wayfinding – Getting lost in a hospital can be easy.  EDAsurf Art can solve this common problem.  The beneficial impact of art depicting natural environments offers improvements to navigating a facility (pieces of art serve as landmarks in the built environment ) (Hathorn et al., 2008).

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