“Waters Of The North Shore” Limited-Edition Set Of 4 Masonite Coasters By Eda Surf Art Collection




Introducing “Waters of the North Shore,” a powerful and dynamic coaster set from EDA Surf Art’s Holiday Collection. This Limited Edition series embodies the raw energy and majesty of the famous North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Captured by renowned artist Sean Ruttkay, each coaster in this set of four showcases a different iconic surf spot, bringing the exhilaration of Hawaiian waves right into your home.

A Tribute to the North Shore’s Surfing Havens:

“Waters of the North Shore” celebrates the legendary surf spots that have captivated surfers and enthusiasts worldwide. The set features distinct waves from Sunset Point, Backdoor Pipeline, Pipeline, and a dramatic hold-down moment at Rocky Point. Each image is a testament to the power and beauty of these renowned locations, offering a glimpse into the heart of Hawaii’s surfing paradise.

Exquisite Surf Imagery:

Each coaster is a visual spectacle, displaying the deep blues of the ocean and the dynamic forms of each wave. Whether it’s the towering walls of Sunset Point, the perfect barrels of Backdoor Pipeline, the challenging breaks of Pipeline, or the intense energy of a hold-down at Rocky Point, these coasters capture the spirit of the North Shore’s waters.

Superior Quality and Design:

As part of EDA Surf Art’s sixth-generation coaster designs, “Waters of the North Shore” represents the pinnacle of our craftsmanship. The Masonite hardboard top ensures durability and resistance to weight, while the HD printing technology brings out the stunning clarity and vibrance of each wave, creating a lifelike representation of these iconic surf spots.

Product Specifications:

  • Materials: Masonite hardboard top with a cork backing for stability and surface protection.
  • Size: Each coaster measures 3.75″x3.75″, suitable for various drinkware sizes.
  • Design: Set of 4 coasters, each featuring a unique wave from the North Shore of Oahu.
  • Printing: Advanced HD printing for rich, vivid imagery.

Perfect for Surf Aficionados and Art Collectors:

This coaster set is an ideal pick for surf enthusiasts, art collectors, or anyone who admires the awe-inspiring beauty of the North Shore. They serve as a constant reminder of the power and splendor of these famous Hawaiian waves.

Own a Piece of Surfing History:

Bring the thrill and beauty of Hawaii’s North Shore into your daily life with the “Waters of the North Shore” coaster set. Visit edasurf.com to secure your limited edition set from EDA Surf Art’s Holiday Collection and celebrate the legendary waves that have shaped the world of surfing.

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Set of 4


3.75×3.75 inch


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