“Sunrise Vistas Of Wrightsville” Limited-Edition Set Of 4 Masonite Coasters By Eda Surf Art Collection




Introducing “Sunrise Vistas of Wrightsville,” a breathtakingly beautiful coaster set from EDA Surf Art’s Holiday Collection. This Limited Edition series of coasters brings the serene and majestic sunrises of Wrightsville Beach, NC, into your home. Captured by the skilled artist Sean Ruttkay, each coaster in this set of four showcases a different sunrise vista, offering a daily reminder of the beach’s early morning beauty.

Captivating Sunrise Imagery:

Each coaster in the “Sunrise Vistas of Wrightsville” set depicts a unique sunrise scene, with the vivid colors and tranquil ambiance of dawn at Wrightsville Beach. The images capture the beach’s ethereal beauty at the break of day, with the sky painted in a spectrum of colors from soft pinks to fiery oranges, reflecting over the gentle ocean waves.

Superior Quality and Craftsmanship:

Continuing the tradition of excellence, these coasters are part of the sixth generation of EDA Surf Art’s coaster designs, showcasing the best quality to date. The top is crafted from a durable Masonite hardboard, providing a sturdy and weight-resistant surface. Coupled with super vivid HD printing technology, the coasters display each sunrise with stunning clarity and vibrance, making them as much a piece of art as a functional item.

Product Specifications:

  • Materials: Masonite hardboard top with cork backing for stability and scratch protection.
  • Size: Each coaster is 3.75″x 3.75″, ideal for all types of drinkware.
  • Design: Set of 4 coasters, each featuring a different sunrise image from Wrightsville Beach, NC.
  • Printing: High-definition technology ensures each image is brilliantly vivid and detailed.

Ideal for Art Lovers and Beach Enthusiasts:

This coaster set is perfect for anyone who appreciates the natural beauty of beach sunrises or the artistry of Sean Ruttkay. They’re an excellent gift for those who love to start their day with a reminder of the ocean’s early morning splendor.

Bring Home the Beauty of Wrightsville Beach:

Add a touch of coastal elegance to your mornings with the “Sunrise Vistas of Wrightsville” coaster set. This limited-edition collection is a must-have for those who cherish the serene moments of dawn at the beach.

Secure your set of these exquisite coasters and let each sunrise at Wrightsville Beach brighten your day. Visit edasurf.com to purchase your “Sunrise Vistas of Wrightsville” coasters from EDA Surf Art’s Holiday Collection.

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Set of 4


3.75×3.75 inch


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