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Introducing the Limited Edition “Hold Down” Surf Desk Mats by EDA Surf Art – a compelling fusion of utility and the dramatic energy of the ocean. These exclusive desk mats, sized at 14×24 inches and featuring the powerful “Hold Down” artwork, are more than functional accessories; they capture the raw intensity of a wave exploding at night on the North Shore of Oahu, HI.

Limited Edition Design:

The “Hold Down” desk mat series is a tribute to the ocean’s untamed force, with each piece showcasing the breathtaking moment of a wave’s nighttime explosion. Limited to a special run, these mats are not only practical additions to your workspace but also unique art pieces that resonate with the power and majesty of the sea.

Materials and Craftsmanship:

  • Top Layer: The mat’s soft fabric neoprene top provides a comfortable and smooth surface, enhancing your experience during work or creative endeavors.
  • Bottom Layer: With a non-skid natural rubber backing, the mat ensures stability and reliability, anchoring your workspace essentials firmly in place.

Optimal Size for Functionality:

Measuring 14×24 inches with a sleek 1/8 inch thickness, the “Hold Down” Surf Desk Mat offers ample space for your keyboard, mouse, and other desk items. Its size and design make it a versatile and essential component of your daily work setup.

Vivid and Durable Printing:

The “Hold Down” artwork is brought to life using dye sublimation printing, capturing the nocturnal drama of the North Shore wave with striking clarity and color depth. This technique ensures the design is not only visually impactful but also long-lasting and resistant to fading.


  • Limited edition “Hold Down” artwork depicting a night-time wave explosion
  • Comfortable and smooth neoprene top layer
  • Stable, non-skid natural rubber bottom
  • Generously sized at 14×24 inches, with a practical 1/8 inch profile
  • High-quality, vibrant dye sublimation print for lasting visual impact

A Connection to the Ocean’s Nighttime Fury:

Ideal for surf enthusiasts, ocean lovers, or anyone inspired by the sea’s dynamic nature, the “Hold Down” Surf Desk Mat is more than an office accessory. It’s an everyday connection to the exhilarating, nocturnal power of Oahu’s famed waves.

Immerse yourself in the spectacular nighttime energy of the North Shore with EDA Surf Art’s “Hold Down” Limited Edition Surf Desk Mat. Enhance your workspace with this piece of the ocean’s raw and captivating beauty.

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14×24 inch


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