Limited Edition “Morning Lows” Surf Desk Mats By Eda Surf Art




Product Description with Art Piece Name:

Introducing the Limited Edition “Morning Lows” Surf Desk Mats by EDA Surf Art – where functionality meets the inspiring beauty of the ocean at dawn. These exclusive desk mats, sized 14×24 inches and featuring the captivating “Morning Lows” art piece, offer more than a surface for your daily work routine; they immerse you in the tranquil energy of early oceanic scenes, perfect for those who yearn to connect with the sea’s essence even while at their workstation.

Limited Edition Design:

Imprinted with the serene and majestic “Morning Lows” artwork, each desk mat in this limited series is a window to the calm and inspiring moments of the sea at dawn. With a restricted run, these mats are not just workplace essentials; they are unique art pieces, bringing a slice of oceanic wonder to your desk.

Materials and Craftsmanship:

  • Top Layer: Crafted with a soft fabric neoprene top, the mat offers a smooth, gentle surface, enhancing your comfort as you engage in your daily tasks.
  • Bottom Layer: The non-skid natural rubber backing ensures the mat remains securely in place, providing a stable foundation for your productive endeavors.

Dimensions for Optimal Use:

Measuring 14×24 inches and with a thickness of 1/8 inch, the “Morning Lows” Surf Desk Mat is designed to accommodate your keyboard, mouse, and other essentials with ease, turning your workspace into a zone of comfort and inspiration.

Advanced Printing for Lasting Beauty:

Using dye sublimation printing, the “Morning Lows” artwork is vividly brought to life on each mat. This technique ensures the image is not only striking but also resilient to fading, keeping the awe-inspiring scene of the morning ocean as fresh as your first glance.


  • Limited edition “Morning Lows” ocean-inspired artwork
  • Comfortable and smooth neoprene top layer
  • Stable and reliable non-skid natural rubber bottom
  • Ideal dimensions of 14×24 inches, with a slim 1/8 inch profile
  • Durable and vibrant dye sublimation print

Transform Your Workspace:

Whether you’re a dedicated surfer, a lover of the ocean’s vast beauty, or someone who finds peace in its vast expanses, the “Morning Lows” Surf Desk Mat is an essential addition to your workspace. It’s more than a mat; it’s a daily journey to the shores at dawn, enhancing your creativity and focus with the calmness of the sea.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of “Morning Lows” with EDA Surf Art’s Limited Edition Surf Desk Mat. Seize this opportunity to infuse your workdays with the spirit of the ocean – a serene escape amidst your busy schedule.

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14×24 inch


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