Eda Surf Art’S Limited Edition 2023 “Purple Dream Waves” Ceramic Mug




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Introducing EDA Surf Art’s Limited Edition 2023 “Purple Dream Waves” Ceramic Mug – an objet d’art that transcends the traditional confines of functional design, capturing an ephemeral moment of natural splendor. This 15oz mug, limited to an exclusive run of only 25 pieces, is not just a receptacle for your morning brew; it is a canvas that holds the best wave image captured in 2023, a testament to the majesty of the ocean’s dawn at Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Ephemeral Beauty, Eternalized:

“Purple Dream Waves” epitomizes the zenith of natural aesthetics, encapsulating a summer sunrise that eclipses all others witnessed during the year. The vivid portrayal of the sky – a palette of purple hues, with clouds radiating yellow and red akin to cotton candy – evokes a sublime, almost celestial experience. This is not merely a wave; it is the wave of the year, a singular crest that stood as the pinnacle of 2023’s oceanic grandeur.

Exquisite Limited Series:

This series of 25 mugs is a curated collection of moments, each piece numbered to underscore its unique position within this finite edition. The “Purple Dream Waves” mug emerges as a coveted collectible, an artifact that captures a fleeting, unparalleled moment in time.

Artistic Alchemy:

The mug serves as a vessel for the alchemy of light and water, the artful interplay of dawn’s early light with the ocean’s fluid dynamics. The design is not a mere representation but a celebration of the wave’s sculptural form, the ethereal quality of the light, and the emotive resonance of the color palette.

Sensorial Engagement:

Crafted from superior quality ceramic, this 15oz mug is an invitation to a multisensory engagement. The tactile experience of the ceramic complements the visual feast of the design, making each use an immersion into the serene yet dynamic essence of the seascape.

A Homage to the Ocean’s Majesty:

Perfect for connoisseurs of both art and the ocean, this mug is more than an accessory; it is a homage to the transcendent beauty of nature. For those who revere the sea’s ever-changing tableau, “Purple Dream Waves” is a daily reminder of that one perfect sunrise – a moment of unparalleled beauty captured forever.


  • Limited Edition: Only 25 “Purple Dream Waves” mugs in existence
  • Each mug captures the year’s most stunning wave and sunrise at Wrightsville Beach
  • Crafted from high-quality ceramic, marrying durability with elegance
  • A generous 15oz capacity, accommodating a variety of uses
  • Vibrant, enduring colors, preserve the moment’s original splendor
  • Ideal for both practical use and as a collector’s showpiece
  • A unique acquisition for lovers of fine art and the majesty of the ocean

In the “Purple Dream Waves” Ceramic Mug, EDA Surf Art offers more than a product – it presents a piece of time, a segment of space, and an unparalleled artistic expression. This is your opportunity to own a fragment of the sublime, a daily connection to the best of nature’s artistry.

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