Limited Edition “Marshland” Surf Desk Mats By Eda Surf Art




Introducing the Limited Edition “Marshland” Surf Desk Mats by EDA Surf Art – a perfect fusion of practicality and the serene beauty of coastal landscapes. These exclusive desk mats, measuring 14×24 inches and adorned with the tranquil “Marshland” art piece, transcend their functional role to bring the peaceful essence of marshland scenes to your workstation.

Limited Edition Design:

Each desk mat in this unique collection features the “Marshland” artwork, capturing the serene and gentle beauty of coastal wetlands. This limited series offers more than just a surface for your workspace essentials; it’s a portal to the quiet, reflective landscapes of the marshes, making each mat a distinct piece of art.

Materials and Craftsmanship:

  • Top Layer: The soft fabric neoprene top of the mat provides a smooth and comfortable surface, enhancing your experience whether you’re typing, writing, or simply reflecting.
  • Bottom Layer: Equipped with a non-skid natural rubber backing, the mat remains steadfast and secure, offering a reliable foundation for your daily tasks.

Optimal Dimensions for Versatility:

The “Marshland” Surf Desk Mat is sized at 14×24 inches, with a practical thickness of 1/8 inch. This spacious design is ideal for accommodating your keyboard, mouse, and other desk essentials, transforming your workspace into an area of comfort and inspiration.

Durable and Vivid Printing:

Utilizing dye sublimation printing, the “Marshland” artwork is beautifully and vividly rendered on each mat. This advanced printing ensures the image is not only striking but also durable, resistant to fading, and capable of maintaining its allure over time.


  • Limited edition “Marshland” artwork depicting serene coastal wetlands
  • Soft and smooth neoprene top layer for comfort
  • Non-skid natural rubber bottom for stability
  • Perfectly sized at 14×24 inches with a sleek 1/8 inch thickness
  • Long-lasting, vibrant dye sublimation print

Elevate Your Workspace:

The “Marshland” Surf Desk Mat is an ideal addition for anyone who appreciates the quiet beauty of marshland scenery or seeks a touch of nature’s tranquility in their work environment. It’s more than a desk accessory; it’s a daily connection to the peaceful, reflective world of coastal landscapes.

Bring the calm and beauty of “Marshland” into your daily routine with EDA Surf Art’s Limited Edition Surf Desk Mat. This is your chance to blend functionality with the serene allure of the marshes, enhancing your workspace with a piece of natural art.

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14×24 inch


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