“Morning Blues” Eda Surf Art Limited Edition Water Column Tapestry




Product Description:

Unveiling “Morning Blues,” the latest masterpiece in EDA Surf Art’s “Water Column Tapestries” series, designed to capture the essence of dawn over the ocean. This limited edition tapestry, a highlight of our Holiday Sale, offers an abstract representation of the ocean at sunrise, drawing inspiration from the modern artistry of Mark Rothko. “Morning Blues” is a celebration of the sea’s early morning hues, transitioning from the deep blues of the sea to the warm yellows and oranges of the rising sun.

The Dawn-Inspired Palette of “Morning Blues”:

“Morning Blues” artfully explores fifteen shades of blue, creating a gradient that transitions from the dark, mysterious depths of the sea to the vibrant, hopeful colors of the sunrise. At its heart lies a radiant white horizon, symbolizing the promise of a new day. This piece is not just a depiction of the ocean; it’s an abstract journey through the varying emotions and tranquility of dawn.

A Tribute to Modernism in Ancient Art Form:

In the “Water Column Tapestries” series, “Morning Blues” bridges the gap between traditional tapestry art and contemporary abstraction. Influenced by the works of Mark Rothko, this tapestry reimagines the ancient art form with a modern sensibility, appealing to lovers of both classic and modern art.

Materials and Craftsmanship:

  • 100% Poly Canvas Substrate: The robust poly canvas substrate ensures that “Morning Blues” displays its vibrant spectrum with lasting clarity.
  • Wood Hanging Hardware: Featuring wood hanging hardware with magnetic connectors and a faux-suede hanger, the tapestry offers both easy installation and a sleek presentation.
  • Care Instructions: Maintaining the tapestry’s allure is effortless – just a gentle wipe with a clean, damp cloth will suffice.

Premium Print Technique:

Employing digital printing on artist-grade canvas with archival quality, pigment-based inks, “Morning Blues” captures the depth and subtlety of the sunrise colors, ensuring a durable and vivid portrayal.

Thoughtful Packaging and Printing:

“Morning Blues” is proudly printed in the United States and ships rolled in a tube, guaranteeing its protection and facilitating easy transport.

A Limited Edition Piece for Serene Spaces:

With only 25 pieces available, “Morning Blues” is an exclusive addition to any space, ideal for those seeking to create an atmosphere of calm and introspection. It’s a perfect piece for anyone who finds inspiration in the serene beauty of the ocean at dawn.

Enhance your environment with the tranquil yet vibrant “Morning Blues” from EDA Surf Art’s “Water Column Tapestries” series. This limited edition tapestry is a rare opportunity to bring the abstract beauty and soothing colors of the morning seascape into your daily life.

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20×60 inch

Frame Colors

Black, White


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