“Summer Surfing” Eda Surf Art Limited Edition Water Column Tapestry




Experience the exhilarating essence of the ocean with “Summer Surfing,” the latest addition to the “Water Column Tapestries” series from EDA Surf Art, just in time for the Holiday Sale. This limited edition tapestry, one of only 25 pieces, brings a unique perspective from within a breaking wave, offering a vibrant and immersive view that transforms any space into a dynamic oceanic scene.

The Vibrant World of “Summer Surfing”:

“Summer Surfing” captures a breathtaking moment inside a wave breaking off the shores of Masonboro Island in North Carolina. The viewer is placed within the wave’s tunnel, surrounded by a full spectrum of blues and greens, creating a sense of motion and tranquility. This tapestry is not just a piece of art; it’s a portal to a summer day on the water, perfect for bringing the thrill of surfing into your everyday environment.

A Tribute to Time-Honored Artistry:

Continuing the tradition of the ancient and revered art form of tapestry, “Summer Surfing” in the “Water Column Tapestries” series marries historical cultural significance with contemporary themes. This fusion creates a tapestry that is both a nod to the past and a celebration of modern oceanic beauty.

Materials and Features:

  • 100% Poly Canvas Substrate: The durable poly canvas substrate ensures that the vibrant colors and intricate details of “Summer Surfing” are faithfully represented.
  • Wood Hanging Hardware: Easy to install wood hanging hardware comes with magnetic connectors and a faux-suede hanger, allowing for a simple yet elegant display.
  • Care Instructions: Maintain the vivid beauty of “Summer Surfing” with gentle wiping using a clean, damp cloth.

Exquisite Print Technique:

Each “Summer Surfing” tapestry is a work of art, digitally printed on premium quality canvas using archival inks. This state-of-the-art printing technique guarantees a tapestry that is rich in color and detail.

Crafted and Packaged with Care:

Proudly printed in the United States, “Summer Surfing” arrives rolled in a tube, ensuring the tapestry is protected and easy to transport.

A Limited Edition Piece for Ocean Enthusiasts:

“Summer Surfing” is an exclusive offering for those who appreciate the art of tapestry and the beauty of the ocean. With its limited edition status, it is a prized addition for collectors and a perfect way to bring the dynamic energy of summer surfing into homes and offices.

Transform your space with the captivating beauty of “Summer Surfing” from EDA Surf Art’s “Water Column Tapestries” series. Seize this rare opportunity to own a piece of this unique collection and let the spirit of summer waves enrich your surroundings.

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20×60 inch

Frame Colors

Black, White


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