“Afternoon Tube” Eda Surf Art Limited Edition Desk Beach Window




Immerse yourself in the essence of the surf with “Afternoon Tube,” the latest masterpiece in EDA Surf Art’s Limited Edition Desk Beach Window series. This exquisite 8×8 acrylic desk print captures the serene beauty of a late afternoon wave, offering a peaceful yet exhilarating slice of beach life for your workspace. “Afternoon Tube” is a tribute to those perfect surfing moments, blending the tranquility of the ocean with artistic flair to create a captivating visual escape for your home or office.

Limited Edition “Afternoon Tube” Design:

Limited to a special run of only 25 pieces, “Afternoon Tube” is an exclusive invitation to relive the tranquility and thrill of surfing an afternoon wave. Each print in this limited series is not just a desk accessory; it’s a celebration of those fleeting moments of harmony between surfer and sea, making every glance a return to the ocean’s embrace.

Museum-Quality Acrylic Craftsmanship:

“Afternoon Tube” is meticulously crafted on .220-inch thick acrylic, ensuring a museum-quality finish that beautifully showcases the artwork. The acrylic’s depth and clarity create a lifelike portrayal of the afternoon surf, turning each view into a momentary escape to the waves.

Elegant Display and Versatility:

  • Matching Acrylic Stand: The sleek acrylic display stand included with “Afternoon Tube” elegantly showcases the print, making it a standout piece in any setting, from your desk to your living room shelf.
  • Perfectly Sized for Any Space: Measuring 8×8 inches, the print is ideally sized to make a visual impact without overwhelming your space, perfect for adding a touch of surf-inspired tranquility to your daily surroundings.

Ideal for Surf Enthusiasts and Art Collectors:

“Afternoon Tube” is a must-have for anyone who cherishes the peaceful yet exhilarating moments of surfing, or for those who appreciate the beauty and power of the ocean. It’s an excellent gift choice for friends, family, or colleagues who share a love for the surf lifestyle and the art it inspires.


  • Limited Edition: Only 25 “Afternoon Tube” prints available
  • Artistic capture of a serene afternoon surf
  • Printed on high-quality .220-inch acrylic for a realistic appearance
  • Includes a contemporary acrylic display stand for elegant presentation
  • Compact and versatile 8×8 inch size, suitable for a variety of settings
  • A serene yet exhilarating addition to any workspace or home

Complete Your Beach-Inspired Gallery:

As part of our Desk Beach Window series, “Afternoon Tube” can be collected alongside other unique ocean-themed prints, allowing you to create a personal gallery that captures the essence of the beach and brings the surf lifestyle into your everyday life.

Secure your limited edition “Afternoon Tube” Acrylic Desk Print by visiting edasurf.com. Don’t miss this opportunity to own an exclusive piece that celebrates the serene beauty of the afternoon surf.

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