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Delve into the depths of artistic elegance with the ‘Water Column Tapestries’ series, exclusively introduced in the EDA Surf Art Holiday Sale. We are proud to unveil the first masterpiece in this series, “Purple Haze,” a limited edition tapestry that beautifully merges the ancient art form with modern aquatic aesthetics.

The Essence of “Purple Haze”:

“Purple Haze” is an exquisite depiction of the ocean’s enigmatic beauty. With only 25 pieces available, this tapestry captures the mesmerizing interplay of light and water, portrayed in a captivating purple hue. It’s designed for spaces that command a tall but wide aesthetic, adding a touch of modern oceanic charm to areas meant for contemplation and emotional depth.

A Nod to Cultural Heritage:

Tapestries have been a form of expression for millennia, dating back to 2-3 BC with the Tarim Sampula Tapestry. EDA Surf Art’s “Water Column Tapestries,” including “Purple Haze,” honor this ancient tradition by blending it with contemporary themes and materials, delivering a piece that is both timeless and relevant.

Materials and Features:

  • 100% Poly Canvas Substrate: The foundation of “Purple Haze” is a durable 100% poly canvas, chosen for its ability to display vibrant colors and fine details.
  • Wood Hanging Hardware: Installation is made effortless with wood hanging hardware, equipped with magnetic connectors and a faux-suede hanger. This feature ensures that the tapestry hangs beautifully and is easily adjustable.
  • Care Instructions: “Purple Haze” can be maintained with a simple wipe using a clean, damp cloth, ensuring its allure is preserved over time.

Print Technique and Quality:

Each “Purple Haze” tapestry is digitally printed on artist-grade canvas using archival quality, pigment-based inks. This method ensures the richness of color and clarity of detail, making each tapestry a long-lasting work of art.

Packaging and Printing:

Proudly printed in the United States, “Purple Haze” ships rolled in a tube, ensuring its safe arrival and ease of transport.

Limited Edition Art for Modern Spaces:

The “Purple Haze” tapestry from the “Water Column Tapestries” series is not just a decorative piece; it’s a modern rendition of a classical art form, ideal for bringing a sophisticated and contemplative ocean atmosphere to any room.

With its limited availability, “Purple Haze” is a must-have for art collectors and ocean lovers alike. Embrace this unique opportunity to own a piece of EDA Surf Art’s Holiday Collection and infuse your space with the timeless beauty of the sea.

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20×60 inch

Frame Colors

Black, White


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