“Cape Fear Banks” Eda Surf Art Winter Premium Puzzle Limited Edition 5-Piece Collectors Set




Product Description:

Introducing “Cape Fear Banks” from EDA Surf Art’s “Winter Premium Puzzle Limited Edition 5-piece Collectors Set.” This 520-piece puzzle captures the historic charm of downtown Wilmington, NC, as seen through the lens of renowned photographer Sean D. Ruttkay. Taken from a two-man helicopter in 2007, this image beautifully frames the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge with the iconic WWII Memorial USS North Carolina in the background, leading the eye towards the river’s natural winding path.

“Cape Fear Banks” – A Historic Perspective:

“Cape Fear Banks” offers a unique aerial snapshot of Wilmington’s rich history and scenic beauty. The puzzle intricately portrays the blending of urban landscapes with the timeless allure of the Cape Fear River. It’s a visual journey through the heart of Wilmington, capturing the essence of its historic and natural charm.

A Tribute to Wilmington’s Heritage:

Sean D. Ruttkay’s “Cape Fear Banks” is more than a picturesque scene; it’s a homage to the city’s storied past. From the bustling streets of old downtown to the solemn grace of the USS North Carolina, this artwork brings to life a panorama of Wilmington’s historical and cultural significance.

Puzzle Features:

  • Limited Edition: Strictly limited to 25 sets, this collector’s item is a rare find for puzzle enthusiasts and art collectors.
  • Puzzle Size: Upon completion, “Cape Fear Banks” measures 16×20 inches, offering a grand and engaging experience.
  • Quality and Detail: Each puzzle piece is designed for a perfect fit, ensuring a satisfying and lasting assembly.
  • Engaging and Educational: This puzzle not only entertains but also educates on Wilmington’s history and landscape.

Ideal for History Buffs and Puzzle Lovers:

“Cape Fear Banks” is a perfect choice for those who appreciate historical landscapes and the challenge of puzzle-solving. It makes an excellent gift for art enthusiasts, history lovers, and anyone who cherishes the unique charm of Wilmington.

Add “Cape Fear Banks” to Your Collection:

Be one of the few to own this exquisite portrayal of Wilmington’s historical landscape. Visit edasurf.com to secure your limited edition “Cape Fear Banks” puzzle from the “Winter Premium Puzzle Limited Edition 4-piece Collectors Set,” and immerse yourself in the rich history and scenic beauty of the Cape Fear region.

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16×20 inch


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