Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge Winter Premium Puzzle Limited Edition 6-Piece Collectors Set.




Step into a picturesque coastal scene with “Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge,” the latest addition to EDA Surf Art’s “Winter Premium Puzzle Limited Edition 4-piece Collectors Set.” This 520-piece puzzle captures a unique aerial perspective of the iconic Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge at sunset, a view immortalized by Sean Ruttkay before the advent of drone photography.

“Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge” – A Coastal Sunset Frozen in Time:

Taken in 2006 during a helicopter project, “Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge” is a testament to the evolving landscape and technology in photography. The image beautifully frames the drawbridge in its upright position, with the marina of Wrightsville Beach, NC, and the bend at the historic Airlie Road in the backdrop. The puzzle brings to life a serene sunset over this beloved coastal landmark.

A Nostalgic View from Above:

This artwork captures a moment in time, years before drone technology transformed aerial photography. Sean Ruttkay’s skillful capture from a helicopter offers a nostalgic and rare view of the drawbridge, presenting a unique angle that combines the charm of Wrightsville Beach with the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Puzzle Features:

  • Limited Edition: Only 25 sets of “Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge” are available, making it a sought-after piece for both puzzle enthusiasts and art collectors.
  • Puzzle Size and Experience: Completing the 16×20 inch puzzle offers a gratifying experience, piecing together the beauty of a coastal sunset.
  • Quality and Craftsmanship: Each puzzle piece is meticulously crafted for a perfect fit, creating a stunning visual tribute to the Wrightsville Beach area.
  • Artistic and Historical Value: Beyond its entertainment value, the puzzle serves as a historical snapshot of the area, captured through the lens of an artist.

Ideal for Fans of Coastal Scenery and Puzzle Lovers:

“Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge” is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of coastal landscapes and the challenge of puzzle-solving. It makes for an excellent gift or a personal keepsake, capturing the essence of Wrightsville Beach in a unique and engaging format.

Secure Your Limited Edition Puzzle:

Own a piece of Wrightsville Beach history and art. Visit edasurf.com to purchase your limited edition “Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge” puzzle from the “Winter Premium Puzzle Limited Edition 4-piece Collectors Set,” and relive the captivating sunset views over the iconic drawbridge as captured by Sean Ruttkay.

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