“Golden Wave” Eda Surf Art’S Winter Premium Puzzle Limited Edition 5-Piece Collectors Set.




Product Description:

Introducing “Golden Wave,” an evocative addition to EDA Surf Art’s “Winter Premium Puzzle Limited Edition 5-piece Collectors Set.” This 520-piece puzzle captures the mesmerizing beauty of a winter wave off Wrightsville Beach, NC, as photographed by the talented Sean Ruttkay. Bathed in the evening’s golden light and contrasted with a deep blue ocean, “Golden Wave” brings the majesty of the sea to life in puzzle form.

“Golden Wave” – A Moment of Oceanic Splendor:

“Golden Wave” is a stunning visual representation of the ocean’s ever-changing character. Sean Ruttkay’s skillful capture of the wave, under the glow of a winter evening sun and enhanced by west winds, creates a dynamic interplay of color and texture. The golden hues of the wave crest against the deep blue sea make for a breathtaking image that is both peaceful and powerful.

A Winter Seascape Captured:

This puzzle is not just a piece of art; it’s a window into the serene yet formidable nature of the Atlantic Ocean during winter. The image’s timing, during the golden hour, adds a layer of warmth and depth to the cold winter waters, creating a contrast that is both striking and inviting.

Puzzle Features:

  • Limited Edition: Part of a special collection, “Golden Wave” is limited to just 25 sets, ensuring exclusivity for puzzle enthusiasts and art collectors.
  • Puzzle Size: The completed puzzle measures 16×20 inches, offering an engaging and satisfying assembly experience.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Designed for a perfect fit, the puzzle pieces come together to form a stunning depiction of the winter wave.
  • Artistic and Reflective: The puzzle goes beyond entertainment, serving as a contemplative piece that captures the beauty of the ocean in winter.

Ideal for Ocean Lovers and Puzzle Aficionados:

“Golden Wave” is perfect for those who are captivated by the sea’s beauty and the challenge of puzzle-solving. It makes an excellent gift for art enthusiasts, puzzle collectors, and anyone who appreciates the unique allure of ocean waves.

Add “Golden Wave” to Your Collection:

Be one of the few to own this exceptional piece of oceanic art. Visit edasurf.com to purchase your limited edition “Golden Wave” puzzle from the “Winter Premium Puzzle Limited Edition 4-piece Collectors Set,” and immerse yourself in the winter beauty of Wrightsville Beach as seen through Sean Ruttkay’s lens.

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