In this post I will discuss how an image that represents reality can become ultra-real and visually three dimensional.  The key to mentally grasping this style of manipulation is found on the superhighway of the somatosensory system, specifically the sense of touch and texture.  We see and feel texture every moment of the day, which is why texture is sometimes considered the most important elements of art.  As American writer John Gardner said, “texture is KING in the arts.”

Most photo-art has some level of visual texture embedded in the image but no physical .  Without physical texture the photo-art may appear realistic in visual content but not in a tactile sense. I believe if the artist wants the work to be ultra-real, that life-like texture must be added.  In my work I use brushes, sticks, plastic bags, sponges, and special knives to apply surfboard resin, clear compound, and stone putty to large-format images that have been mounted to aluminum.  If dimensional material is applied methodically, and physical texture is achieved effectively, a synesthetic experience is in store for the viewer.  Light will refract in the texture giving the piece a sense of movement.  In my experience, surf imagery works better applying this texture-based approach to realistic media. The naturally present lines that are present inside the barrel are accentuated when texture is added. Enhancing what was before solely a visual texture sensation now has become a full synesthetic experience.
 The final result must be viewed in person to fully understand the sensation.  That is why I invite you to my studio to inspect my application technique and directly participate in this synesthetic experience.  Can’t make it to Wrightsville Beach North Carolina?  Then purchase your own original piece on this website.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.