In this time of COVID-19, all artwork is not created equal. In fact, most artwork particularly framed or canvas substrates can absorb and hold COVID-19 for days potentially spreading it through the house, office, or healthcare space.  But not the weatherproof aluminum substrate from EDA Surf Art.  Since 2005 we have been installing art in healthcare settings across the country with the issue of viral spread top of mind in mind. Our proprietary weatherproof aluminum art medium can be bleached and disinfected daily over the course of its long display life. With a simple spray bottle with a bleach solution and paper towel, the COVID-19 virus is destroyed instantaneously when applied to the art medium leaving the work clean fresh, and gleaming new.  In addition withstanding heavy cleaners like bleach, this weatherproof art medium is fire rated as Class A under ASTM E-84 testing for Flame Spread and Smoke Development.  With the aesthetic look of a stretched canvas with his gallery wrapped edges and without the porous contours of a canvas weatherproof aluminum artwork from EDA Surf Art is the perfect addition to a home that desires to be virus-free during these pandemic times. Water your wall and uplift your consciousness with the power of the ocean and the strength of virus-free artwork.  

Contact us today to start a custom order or when buying off of this site choose ‘Weatherproof Aluminum’ under the medium selection option.  Your art will be clean and you will be stoked!

Wetting the camera is always a goal at EDA Surf.  When the Yellowstone guide said, “My dude, you’re going to get vaporized, no chance!”  My plans of finding the bluest Yellowstone hot spring and capturing insane visuals had been crushed.  My east coast naivety had been exposed.  In this world, it is the natural hot spring that stands next to the spitting barrel in the pantheon of desired hydro states.  Previous natural hot spring encounters had yielded memorable moments from Tuscany to Rotorua, New Zealand.  However, in Yellowstone, it is the contrasting states of the fire and ice that is oh so incredible.  yellowstone national parkWhen the opportunity of entering the mecca of natural hot springs arose, I thought, “this is the best location for thermal pools in the world, why not go for a dip!?”  As I found out, aside from it being against federal law to “hot pot”, just dipping in will kill you, due to the 160-466 degree water and that the PH from the molten lava is as high as acid.  This deadly combo evaporated all hopes of swimming, so it was here where I contemplated abandoning the idea for another day of snowboarding Big Sky mountain.  But, my trusty snowmobile guide, Art Camouflage (yes that was his real name) assured me that what we were about to go do was nothing short of spectacular and “of bucket list shit.” sean ruttkay yellowstone national park

In subzero temperatures, Art and I saddled up our snowmobiles and flew in formation over snow banks, through the West Gate into the National Park.  madison riverAs we made tracks deeper along the vaporous Madison River, American bison calmly grazed amidst billowing steam that is the trademark of this 640,000-year-old volcanic crater.  Plowing deeper into the Park we found raging waterfalls that sprayed a warm mist aloft melting surrounding snow.  As mind blowing as the flowing waterfalls were, it was the tropical blue pools that were of another world.  The desire to jump into the crystal turquoise vats was overwhelming, and without hesitation, I turned to Camouflage I said, “Are you sure…vaporized?”  Rolling his eyes, he calmly said, “Yes boss, still vaporized.” In the end, the beauty and death here are the positive and negative, just as the spitting barrel of the banzai Pipeline or the paramount peaks of Mt. Everest.  However, it is the tranquil and seductive nature of this unique natural form that sets it apart from the rest.  These hot pools are the forbidden fruit of the planet’s many watery aesthetic forms.

– Ruttkay / @edasurf

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steaming falls yellowstone national park

Space and time are the realms of reality. These two structures make up all shared existence, and as individuals operating in the contemporary world, we can share our perspectives and experiences instantly through the creative expression of photo sharing. However, behind vivid visual reality stands the internal soul that can’t quite fully express the true conception of abstract truths in such a steadfastly objective medium.

EDA Surf at the National Gallery of Art

EDA Surf finding true inspiration at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. with sleeping son Dax.

Or, at least that’s been my deep- seated problem with the medium of photography ever since I started using it as a form of artistic expression 12 years ago.  That is, until a few months back, as the dawn of 2017 was showing the first beams of universal disorder and chaos, I was in my hometown of Washington, DC, cruising the marble halls of the National Gallery of Art.  This Federal institution can always be relied on to give breadth to the slack sails of any creative ship.  This year’s pilgrimage to these epic galleries was nothing short of enlightening.  After taking in the masterpieces of Rembrandt, Dali, Pollock, and Warhol (to name a few), I walked onto the National Mall with new ideas giving me fresh purpose.  I knew exactly what I needed to do.  Flip my old work on its head.  This new and completely original collection is the product of that flip, and now thirty pieces deep, I am calling it ‘The Multiverse Collection’.  As this new line of work evolves, and fresh piece are added to the collection as they are produced, I invite you to return in the coming weeks and mouths to monitor this inspiration from the canon of modern art.

– Ruttkay / @edasurf 

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KONICA MINOLTA Multiverse eda surf art


It is said that new art hates old art.  This age old adage is the steam that powers the daily trips into the aesthetic bliss that is the sea.  As the earth continues to spin progression is and must be made.  Now it’s time to share with you this hydro splendor.  That is why after one lap around the sun, EDA Surf is releasing over 100 new surf art pieces available for viewing and purchase in various sizes and mediumSurf Art pieces choices on the EDA Surf Art Studio website.  There you’ll find water in many states of being.  From calming linear formations, to stimulating dynamic swells, EDA Surf is ready to empower and transform your space into a restorative environment.  One that allows you to connect deeply on a visual level with the omnipresent element of water. Begin your optical hydro journey and pick your form of water bliss.  EDA Surf will cover the shipping.  
~ Ruttkay / @edasurf
new surf art canvas

All New EDA Surf pieces can be customized to fit any space and in any style that flows with your aesthetic preference.

Socrates before he drinks the hemlock 399 BC

Socrates wearing canvas before he drinks the hemlock 399 BC.

The ancient Egyptians mummified they’re dead with it. The ancient Greek philosophers made robes from it. But it was not till 1400 when Gemäldegalerie painted the Madonna with angels that the French coined the term for this woven linen material as canevas form, the Latin cannapaceus for “made of hemp,” originating from the Greek.  Today, artist canvas is no longer made from hemp but linen and EDA Surf canvases are composed of premium materials. That combined with our state of the art printing technology and modern water visuals will leave the customer with a holistic consciousness enhancing installation. But that’s not all. For a limited time EDASurf is offering these amazing custom pieces for a fraction of our normal cost.  This limited time offer will be available while supplies last. If you take advantage of our free shipping, I guarantee you will be beyond stoked. I’m so confident of this, that this offer is satisfaction guaranteed. So, if you’ve had the desire to water your wall, but your budget has been holding you back, now is your opportunity. Hoping to hear from you shortly.

– Ruttkay / @edasurf


The pillar of organic aesthetic form is the line.  In the morning over the ocean the horizon births a new day.  The tree shoots up, the river crawls down, the swell rolls through.  North to south, left to right, wherever we go, whatever we see, the linear path is undulating and driving.  The lined world mellows minds like an offshore wind soothes the sea.  It is intrinsic to our collective existence.  _MG_9684 3Flowing in moments, time moves linear with beginnings and ends constructing our perception of the universe.  It is intertwined in our DNA representing perfect order and stability.  Linear based ‘tranquil water’ Art by EDA Surf is inspired by this ancient knowledge.  Invite the salty linear path into your home, install and experience this conceptual powerhouse.  Live to follow the line less travelled.

In the middle of the ocean far, far away a strong wind blows over calm open water slowly building energy. With the first breath of wind, this discombobulated mess of choppy, hectic energy journeys outward to all earthly corners. With time and direction, this disorganized force is modded into a distinct form of mass as its energy is consolidated.    Finally, with climactic drama, this foreign power meets its end in a crescendo of  beauty on the banks of a distant land. This life cycle of the wave can be analogized to many aspects of life, but it’s the holiday creation and production of EDA Surf art that my tale parallels most.

Big pieces and Raffle Tickets

Big pieces and Raffle Tickets

  With 39 days until Christmas morning, the wind in the EDA Surf Art Studio has begun to blow.  Our goal: To have over 100 pieces of premium handmade, water pieces in stock by Dec. 1st, turning this current hectic mess of a production studio into a clean tranquil environment for you to come and get conceptually barreled while you do your holiday shopping.  

The Oblinger Family Stoked at the EDA Surf Art Studio.

The Oblinger Family Stoked at the EDA Surf Art Studio.

Aside from large piece for the wall we will also have hundreds of fresh cut ‘image coasters’ (5-$20) and signed 8×10 prints ($20) in stock.  But what’s really exciting is that for the first time ever EDA Surf will be giving away a massive custom piece, like the largest that can be made to fit your largest space in the house.  To enter the drawing and receive a raffle text all you have to do is shop in the physical EDA Surf Art Studio and spend $5 or more.  Then Christmas Morning in a social media post the winner will be selected at random.  Between now and then, you can check the EDA Surf ART forecast to begin to analyze your aesthetic preference and build the list you wish to receive or give in the crescendo of beauty that will be Christmas morning.

-Sean D. Ruttkay 

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It is an honor to announce that I have been selected to show in a new photo exhibition titled “Harmony” at the Ph21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary.  The Gallery Director, Zsolt Bátori said my piece “Solace” was selected over a large number of international submissions, for its therapeutic concept, harmonious elements, and communicativeScreen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.00.50 PM content that arise from the various interactions depicted in the photograph. Aside from the chance to show my work to an international public, this opportunity is extra special due to my Hungarian ancestry.  I am sure my ancestors would be proud.  – Sean D. Ruttkay