From as early on as the Stone Ages, art has served a vital purpose.  It inspires, motivates, leaves room for contemplation, and gives us comfort.  Today in our modern times the substrates available to express an aesthetic message has evolved from the stonewall to infinite substrates and materials.  It is the analysis of Eda Surf that wearable art is the new frontier in art and expression.  Overtime and with a focus on this wearable revelation, EDA Surf will introduce new items each with its own unique conceptual and utilitarian twist.  The first item to be introduced just in time for winter and the holiday season is the EDA Surf ‘Water Scarf.’

What is the EDA Surf Water Scarf’?

Conceptually the EDA Surf ‘Water Scarf’ is a wearable art piece from the linear water collection of EDA Surf.  To the individual wearing the scarf, the feeling of floating or flowing over land or the sensation of crushing through a tropical blue wave during a  morning sunrise is said to be a common sensation when the water scarf is embraced as an accessory.

Physically, each scarf is made of premium habotai silk sized 14″ x 72″ and can be designed in a classic scarf formation or an infinity scarf design where by the ends are seamed.  Starting at $60 each ‘Water Scarf’ is designed and custom made to order by our partnership team in San Francisco, guaranteeing boutique quality.  Order your EDA Surf ‘Water Scarf’ today and feel the power of watering the body!

In the middle of the ocean far, far away a strong wind blows over calm open water slowly building energy. With the first breath of wind, this discombobulated mess of choppy, hectic energy journeys outward to all earthly corners. With time and direction, this disorganized force is modded into a distinct form of mass as its energy is consolidated.    Finally, with climactic drama, this foreign power meets its end in a crescendo of  beauty on the banks of a distant land. This life cycle of the wave can be analogized to many aspects of life, but it’s the holiday creation and production of EDA Surf art that my tale parallels most.

Big pieces and Raffle Tickets

Big pieces and Raffle Tickets

  With 39 days until Christmas morning, the wind in the EDA Surf Art Studio has begun to blow.  Our goal: To have over 100 pieces of premium handmade, water pieces in stock by Dec. 1st, turning this current hectic mess of a production studio into a clean tranquil environment for you to come and get conceptually barreled while you do your holiday shopping.  

The Oblinger Family Stoked at the EDA Surf Art Studio.

The Oblinger Family Stoked at the EDA Surf Art Studio.

Aside from large piece for the wall we will also have hundreds of fresh cut ‘image coasters’ (5-$20) and signed 8×10 prints ($20) in stock.  But what’s really exciting is that for the first time ever EDA Surf will be giving away a massive custom piece, like the largest that can be made to fit your largest space in the house.  To enter the drawing and receive a raffle text all you have to do is shop in the physical EDA Surf Art Studio and spend $5 or more.  Then Christmas Morning in a social media post the winner will be selected at random.  Between now and then, you can check the EDA Surf ART forecast to begin to analyze your aesthetic preference and build the list you wish to receive or give in the crescendo of beauty that will be Christmas morning.

-Sean D. Ruttkay 

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Sean Ruttkay receiving a special University gift from Dr. Harper Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship UNCW.

In 2007, two years after I began my trek into the proverbial ‘Black Forest’ that is art and business, Cornelia (my wife), suggested that I take a seminar that was being offered on entrepreneurship at University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  Initially, I was resistant to the idea.  With the know-it-all attitude of a twenty-something, I thought, “What can these guys tell me I don’t already know about my business?”. It turned out that after attending, I learned I had a lot of work to do and in hindsight it was a pivotal moment in my development as a business owner. What really made this experience extremely valuable was the relationship that I formed with the lead professor Dr. Stephen Harper. Since then, Dr. Harper has become an invaluable mentor, customer, and friend to the EDA Surf brand and philosophy. He has also given me the great privilege and honor to speak on the topic of business and art at UNCW on six occasions with the most recent occurring last Tuesday.

In this particular talk to students, “Artist as Entrepreneur”, I attempt to connect any personal antidotes and stories to broad themes and life lessons in hopes that they are useful and applicable in each of their lives. For instance, I tell the story of how growing up I struggled with extreme dyslexia, so extreme in fact that in the first grade my parents were told that graduation from high school was the best case scenario for my education. But with epic parents, progressive teachers, self-confidence, and hard work, I graduated from UNCW with a bachelor’s degree in (ironically) special-education. I also tell the story about how I learned the fragility of life after I almost drowned and died attempting to take pictures of 20 foot waves at Sunset Point (North Shore of Hawaii). Also, I discussed  the paramount necessity of post-college travel referenced in tales from the start of my image capturing career while living in a van with my wife on the point break abundant shores of New Zealand.  Also, interjected in the talk, are the less sexy “secret” pieces of knowledge in the art business that I have accumulated over my ten years in the game. Some examples are: “How should I price my art?”, “How can I get my art printed?”, “Is it a good idea to approach galleries?”, and “Should I sell online?”.  Below is the full talk from Tuesday.  To the extent you take the time to watch, I hope it is interesting, informative, and maybe even inspiring.

~ Sean D. Ruttkay / @edasurf

The more experienced humans among us have said that the speed of time accelerates as one ages.  I have found that this fact exponentially increases when one has children.  Halloween 2015 was just my second of many years ahead where I was able to experience the first doorbell ringing of a child’s life.  This, as my fellow Americans know, is a rite of passage as important as the holding of the wishbone on Thanksgiving or as sitting on Santa’s lap and then freaking out.  However, even the one year old ringing that first doorbell knows the awkwardness of ringing a stranger’s doorbell asking for something.  Let’s face it, Trick-Or-Treating is one step away from door-to-door vacuum sales.  But, in the spirit of the tradition and in the smoothness of the pleasantries of the first neighborly interactions of the night, by door three the next generation has the game figured out.  Confidently approach target – smile – say Trick-Or-Treat – get candy – say thank you – and peace – on to the next house!  By the time we were into the last stretch of homes, this mermaid (3) and monkey (1), were moving with confidence, style, and efficiency that would make any sales executive stop and take notes. IMG_6277

As the young children Trick-Or-Treated at the final house of the night, and we stroll down the neighbors driveway with plenty of choice candies, my mind began to drift (given I was the psychological concept of flow… more about this another time) and I began to reflect on how fast we arrived at this point in time.  It seemed summer was just here and now those memories have turned to golden nostalgia.  Then, with the focus and force of autumn’s breeze, it hit me and a shocking realization set in: It is now November and the Thanksgiving / Christmas session has begun.   Scary as this Halloween realization is, I know that with the power of water and the watering of more walls, it is all going to be an epic time ahead.  That was a good ‘flow‘ I thought, now back to the EDA Surf Art studio with the team.

~ Sean D. Ruttkay