Since the beginning, water has been 60% of our physical makeup.  To find love in the water is to love yourself, everyone you know and the world around you.  It is our universal essence.  And as it is us, we should engage it daily and often.  With vigor, engage it physically through exercise.  With consistency, engage it biologically through consumption. And with focused contemplation, engage water visually.  By engaging in water art, various levels of joy and even bliss will be found.  It is time to lay the welcome mat out to this element called water.  Seek it.  Feel it.  Be it.  Flow.  As this love evolves, consciousness will blast to higher states.  You have been watered.  Now, water the wall.

~ Ruttkay / @edasurf

Before our Surf Art makes it to your wall, all EDA Surf Installations should evolve through three essential stages:

  1. The Assessment

This stage in the development of your installation is the most important.  Here is determined where and what size installation will be most effective.   Ask yourself:  In what room do I spend most of my time?  What room needs to inspire most?  What size and color would flow best with the layout of the room and my other decor elements?

  1.  The Inspiration

After determining the scale of your installation, it is time to focus on what piece of EDA Surf Art delivers the highest degree of impact to you and your personal aesthetic sensibilities.  Are you the type of person that needs a little extra stimulus to get moving? Then you might want to think about installing a wave in your space.  Maybe you are looking for a more calming influence for your space -a place to focus. Then you might want to look at installing a linear, tranquil piece.  Each piece of EDA Surf Art is designed to take the mind of the individual to a state where only focused action follows the viewing experience, thus tapping the fluid natural powers found only in water.

  1. The Delivery & Installation

After your deep thinking in steps 1 & 2, number 3 is a breeze with EDA Surf delivery is free for the month of February and when you receive your exciting new art, hanging will be smooth and simple.  No worries!!

Like the art itself, the steps it takes to your wall are intuitive.  Let’s begin those steps together.

~Ruttkay / @edasurf

P.S. — The videos below are part of a on going film project called called ‘The Lighting Installations’.  In each piece you will see the 3 EDA Surf Installation steps performed in less than 15sec in a variety of different spaces.  Enjoy 🙂


  Our comfort with interior spaces can be a problem in our modern society.  Whether at home, in the office, or a medical environment, much of our time is spent indoors. Due to our shared exterior evolution, this dilemma affects every human who spends a considerable amount of time in the built world. IMG_2129 copyAt EDA Surf we have a solution. Water the wall.  Do this to your modern space and you will feel a subconscious bliss.  Embedded in every piece of EDA Wave Art are natural, holistic, subliminal powers. Customers continually return to our Wilmington, NC Art Studio wanting more pieces based on how they feel emotionally when engaging the water work.  Some say certain pieces, like those of the ‘Seascape Collection’, encourage the spirit to wander, while others report that the ‘Linear Water Collection’ delivers more complacency and tranquil vibrations.  However, the emotions of action, movement and power found in the ‘Breaking Wave Collection’ have shown to deliver the most impacting effects on observers.  It is hard to find a stronger visual stimulus than the aesthetic form of a breaking wave!  Deep biophilic metaphors of strength, power, and determination deliver the necessary encouragement we desperately desire in an interior space. So, the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, in need of motivation, look at a breaking wave, feel the might, and you will be empowered to ACT!


The pillar of organic aesthetic form is the line.  In the morning over the ocean the horizon births a new day.  The tree shoots up, the river crawls down, the swell rolls through.  North to south, left to right, wherever we go, whatever we see, the linear path is undulating and driving.  The lined world mellows minds like an offshore wind soothes the sea.  It is intrinsic to our collective existence.  _MG_9684 3Flowing in moments, time moves linear with beginnings and ends constructing our perception of the universe.  It is intertwined in our DNA representing perfect order and stability.  Linear based ‘tranquil water’ Art by EDA Surf is inspired by this ancient knowledge.  Invite the salty linear path into your home, install and experience this conceptual powerhouse.  Live to follow the line less travelled.

From as early on as the Stone Ages, art has served a vital purpose.  It inspires, motivates, leaves room for contemplation, and gives us comfort.  Today in our modern times the substrates available to express an aesthetic message has evolved from the stonewall to infinite substrates and materials.  It is the analysis of Eda Surf that wearable art is the new frontier in art and expression.  Overtime and with a focus on this wearable revelation, EDA Surf will introduce new items each with its own unique conceptual and utilitarian twist.  The first item to be introduced just in time for winter and the holiday season is the EDA Surf ‘Water Scarf.’

What is the EDA Surf Water Scarf’?

Conceptually the EDA Surf ‘Water Scarf’ is a wearable art piece from the linear water collection of EDA Surf.  To the individual wearing the scarf, the feeling of floating or flowing over land or the sensation of crushing through a tropical blue wave during a  morning sunrise is said to be a common sensation when the water scarf is embraced as an accessory.

Physically, each scarf is made of premium habotai silk sized 14″ x 72″ and can be designed in a classic scarf formation or an infinity scarf design where by the ends are seamed.  Starting at $60 each ‘Water Scarf’ is designed and custom made to order by our partnership team in San Francisco, guaranteeing boutique quality.  Order your EDA Surf ‘Water Scarf’ today and feel the power of watering the body!

In the middle of the ocean far, far away a strong wind blows over calm open water slowly building energy. With the first breath of wind, this discombobulated mess of choppy, hectic energy journeys outward to all earthly corners. With time and direction, this disorganized force is modded into a distinct form of mass as its energy is consolidated.    Finally, with climactic drama, this foreign power meets its end in a crescendo of  beauty on the banks of a distant land. This life cycle of the wave can be analogized to many aspects of life, but it’s the holiday creation and production of EDA Surf art that my tale parallels most.

Big pieces and Raffle Tickets

Big pieces and Raffle Tickets

  With 39 days until Christmas morning, the wind in the EDA Surf Art Studio has begun to blow.  Our goal: To have over 100 pieces of premium handmade, water pieces in stock by Dec. 1st, turning this current hectic mess of a production studio into a clean tranquil environment for you to come and get conceptually barreled while you do your holiday shopping.  

The Oblinger Family Stoked at the EDA Surf Art Studio.

The Oblinger Family Stoked at the EDA Surf Art Studio.

Aside from large piece for the wall we will also have hundreds of fresh cut ‘image coasters’ (5-$20) and signed 8×10 prints ($20) in stock.  But what’s really exciting is that for the first time ever EDA Surf will be giving away a massive custom piece, like the largest that can be made to fit your largest space in the house.  To enter the drawing and receive a raffle text all you have to do is shop in the physical EDA Surf Art Studio and spend $5 or more.  Then Christmas Morning in a social media post the winner will be selected at random.  Between now and then, you can check the EDA Surf ART forecast to begin to analyze your aesthetic preference and build the list you wish to receive or give in the crescendo of beauty that will be Christmas morning.

-Sean D. Ruttkay 

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Sean Ruttkay receiving a special University gift from Dr. Harper Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship UNCW.

In 2007, two years after I began my trek into the proverbial ‘Black Forest’ that is art and business, Cornelia (my wife), suggested that I take a seminar that was being offered on entrepreneurship at University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  Initially, I was resistant to the idea.  With the know-it-all attitude of a twenty-something, I thought, “What can these guys tell me I don’t already know about my business?”. It turned out that after attending, I learned I had a lot of work to do and in hindsight it was a pivotal moment in my development as a business owner. What really made this experience extremely valuable was the relationship that I formed with the lead professor Dr. Stephen Harper. Since then, Dr. Harper has become an invaluable mentor, customer, and friend to the EDA Surf brand and philosophy. He has also given me the great privilege and honor to speak on the topic of business and art at UNCW on six occasions with the most recent occurring last Tuesday.

In this particular talk to students, “Artist as Entrepreneur”, I attempt to connect any personal antidotes and stories to broad themes and life lessons in hopes that they are useful and applicable in each of their lives. For instance, I tell the story of how growing up I struggled with extreme dyslexia, so extreme in fact that in the first grade my parents were told that graduation from high school was the best case scenario for my education. But with epic parents, progressive teachers, self-confidence, and hard work, I graduated from UNCW with a bachelor’s degree in (ironically) special-education. I also tell the story about how I learned the fragility of life after I almost drowned and died attempting to take pictures of 20 foot waves at Sunset Point (North Shore of Hawaii). Also, I discussed  the paramount necessity of post-college travel referenced in tales from the start of my image capturing career while living in a van with my wife on the point break abundant shores of New Zealand.  Also, interjected in the talk, are the less sexy “secret” pieces of knowledge in the art business that I have accumulated over my ten years in the game. Some examples are: “How should I price my art?”, “How can I get my art printed?”, “Is it a good idea to approach galleries?”, and “Should I sell online?”.  Below is the full talk from Tuesday.  To the extent you take the time to watch, I hope it is interesting, informative, and maybe even inspiring.

~ Sean D. Ruttkay / @edasurf

The more experienced humans among us have said that the speed of time accelerates as one ages.  I have found that this fact exponentially increases when one has children.  Halloween 2015 was just my second of many years ahead where I was able to experience the first doorbell ringing of a child’s life.  This, as my fellow Americans know, is a rite of passage as important as the holding of the wishbone on Thanksgiving or as sitting on Santa’s lap and then freaking out.  However, even the one year old ringing that first doorbell knows the awkwardness of ringing a stranger’s doorbell asking for something.  Let’s face it, Trick-Or-Treating is one step away from door-to-door vacuum sales.  But, in the spirit of the tradition and in the smoothness of the pleasantries of the first neighborly interactions of the night, by door three the next generation has the game figured out.  Confidently approach target – smile – say Trick-Or-Treat – get candy – say thank you – and peace – on to the next house!  By the time we were into the last stretch of homes, this mermaid (3) and monkey (1), were moving with confidence, style, and efficiency that would make any sales executive stop and take notes. IMG_6277

As the young children Trick-Or-Treated at the final house of the night, and we stroll down the neighbors driveway with plenty of choice candies, my mind began to drift (given I was the psychological concept of flow… more about this another time) and I began to reflect on how fast we arrived at this point in time.  It seemed summer was just here and now those memories have turned to golden nostalgia.  Then, with the focus and force of autumn’s breeze, it hit me and a shocking realization set in: It is now November and the Thanksgiving / Christmas session has begun.   Scary as this Halloween realization is, I know that with the power of water and the watering of more walls, it is all going to be an epic time ahead.  That was a good ‘flow‘ I thought, now back to the EDA Surf Art studio with the team.

~ Sean D. Ruttkay

                    After ten years watering the walls and spreading the virtues of doing so, I have been to many events and festivals to spread my message. However, it is only the Lighthouse Beer and Wine Festival that I come back to year after year and for two reasons – because it is amazing and awesome! Before I started EDA Surf in 2005, I attended this festival as a college senior in my early 20’s.Then my cup ran full of North Carolina culture, fellowship, and charm with a hint of inebriation. IMG_3399
                  Now more than a decade later and seven Lighthouse Beer and Wine Festivals under the EDA Surf tent complete, I can say hands-down the 2015 Festival that occurred last Saturday was the best.  Over 75 of the nations best craft brew makers and top wineries descended on the banks of the sunny and warm Cape Fear River to share their individual stories, trades, and techniques with the good people of Wilmington, North Carolina.  Like most of these unique brands, EDA Surf was looking to stand out and make sure our message of water as a conceptual power was delivered loud and clear.  To do this I called in ten of my most enthusiastic, water-crazed, high energy EDA Surf ambassadors and proceeded to sticker, tattoo, and talk to every festival goer in attendance.  Consequently, the outpouring of positive energy from the public was immense.  Midway through the festival, there were lines forming for EDA Surf tattoos and cup stickers.  The debut of the new limited addition EDA Surf Haile Selassie tank top went gangbusters and was close to selling out by 4 o’clock.
_MG_5870                     Also, new and exciting, was the debut of the EDA Surf art giveaway which was made known every thirty minutes by a smoke
machine blast followed by a bullhorn alarm and an announcement indicating the start of the giveaway. If you gave us your email address, we gave you a ticket and if you were present for the giveaway and your ticket was drawn, then you received free art. Seven pieces were given away over the course of the Festival drawing large crowds to our tent which ultimately drew greater awareness to the importance of watering the wall.
                       In the end, it was the value of meeting so many supportive and water-loving people that made this event such a success for the entire EDA Surf ambassador team.   If you were one of those people we had the pleasure of meeting or if you were there in spirit, EDA Surf hopes to continue the conversation and talk art with you soon.
– Sean D. Ruttkay

_MG_3816 3Can the energy force of the sea be extracted, transferred conceptually, and empower the human condition? I believe it can through the medium of art.  To the extent this hydraulic energy can be harnessed effectively is the job of the artist.  It is the artist job to know when to approach the chaotic oceanic environment and under what conditions.  When these earthly forces are presented, the energy is palpable in the atmosphere and the artist knows it is time to approach the ocean.  

Recently, earthly forces were presented in a southerly low-pressure system that worked in conjunction with a category 4 hurricane which churned and delivered the EDA Surf region a week of excellent overhead waves and a weekend of turbulent double overhead seas.  This very rare spectacle I knew I had to take action and attempt to harness the visual hydraulic energy.  To do this I needed to view and touch this power.  _MG_3721 2So I transported myself to a barrier island and engaged the aquatic environment.  Using an inlet jetty as a windshield from the prevailing northeasterly gale, my entry into the ocean was calm and organized.  Swimming out into the shaving cream-like foam balls was peaceful, almost blissful in contrast to the slamming set waves that I was to encounter on the outside.
_MG_0692 3When on the outside, I was met with vexing and turbulent currents that thrashed the body intensely for moments then released in an almost a passive calm until the next swell repeated the cycle.  It was during this time between sets that a smooth calm of visual observations were witnessed.  Moments of sunlight beamed through racing black clouds.  On the surface, surfers paddled around large shifty peaks as squadrons of pelicans streamed inches above the same swell walls (as if showing the humans how it’s done).  Sea spray mixed with large tropical infused rain pellets that pierced the face as a low arching rainbow stretched across the barrier island to the west.  Eastbound, when the next set wave was sensed out the back, a large breath of salt air is gasped and a descent to the sandy bottom is taken.  Hugging the ocean floor and still with anticipation, the incoming power is sensed. Then, like a flash of violence, the body is flung topsy-turvy._MG_3366 3  As fast as it starts it stops.  Calm is restored for a moment as ocean visuals are presented once more in another round of glorious splendor.  It will not be until later in the digital darkroom that the extent to which this power was harnessed will be known.  Till then the collection process continues.

~ Sean D. Ruttkay