“Mercers Left” Eda Surf Art Winter Premium Puzzle Limited Edition 5-Piece Collectors Set




Dive into the thrilling world of surfing with “Mercers Left,” the third puzzle in EDA Surf Art’s “Winter Premium Puzzle Limited Edition 5-piece Collectors Set.” This 520-piece puzzle brings to life a surfer’s exhilarating perspective of riding a wave to the left, near the iconic Johnnie Mercer’s Pier at Wrightsville Beach, NC. Captured by the acclaimed artist Sean Ruttkay, this image is a standout piece in his vast collection of water art.

“Mercers Left” – A Surfer’s Dream Captured:

“Mercers Left” is more than a puzzle; it’s a portal into the heart of the surf. Taken in the late Fall of 2007, this iconic water photo vividly depicts the rush and beauty of surfing at Wrightsville Beach, showcasing the skill and exhilaration of taking on the wave in front of the famous fishing pier.

A Notable Piece in Surfing History:

Sean Ruttkay’s “Mercers Left” has earned its place in surfing culture, having been selected by Hurley for their Summer 2015 Limited Edition T-Shirt Collection in partnership with Surf City Surf Shop. This recognition cements the image’s status as a significant and iconic representation of the surf lifestyle.

Puzzle Features:

  • Limited Edition Collector’s Item: Only 25 sets of this puzzle are available, making it a coveted piece for both art enthusiasts and surf aficionados.
  • Puzzle Size and Experience: Measuring 16×20 inches upon completion, “Mercers Left” offers an immersive experience, capturing the essence of surfing in every piece.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Designed for perfect fit and lasting assembly, the puzzle pieces come together to create a stunning visual tribute to the sport of surfing.
  • Artistic and Immersive: Beyond its entertainment value, the puzzle is a journey through one of Sean Ruttkay’s most renowned water photographs.

Ideal for Surf Enthusiasts and Puzzle Collectors:

“Mercers Left” is perfect for anyone passionate about surfing and the art it inspires. As a gift or a personal purchase, it brings the thrill of the wave into any space.

Secure Your Piece of Surfing Heritage:

Be one of the few to own this exceptional piece of surf art and history. Visit edasurf.com to purchase your limited edition “Mercers Left” puzzle from the “Winter Premium Puzzle Limited Edition 4-piece Collectors Set” and immerse yourself in the world of Wrightsville Beach surfing as seen through the lens of Sean Ruttkay.

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