“Wave Abstraction” – 11×14 Floating Glass Art By Sean Ruttkay




Introducing “Wave Abstraction” – A Luminous Showcase in the 11×14 Floating Glass Art Series

Dive into the dynamic interplay of light and water with “Wave Abstraction,” a captivating piece from Sean Ruttkay’s distinguished 11×14 Floating Glass Art collection, exclusively available at EDA Surf Art. This compelling artwork, set against the backdrop of Wrightsville Beach, NC, captures a unique moment of a blue wave breaking, with a focus on the mesmerizing effects of light.

Capturing the Ocean’s Ephemeral Beauty:

“Wave Abstraction” is an artistic exploration of a wave’s power and grace. Shot from the front of the breaking wave, the image features an abstract focus that amplifies the enchanting dance of light within the water. The dynamic composition showcases beams of light exploding through the wave, creating a visual symphony that celebrates the ocean’s ever-changing nature.

Elegant Floating Glass Display:

Presented in an 11×14 floating glass frame, “Wave Abstraction” seems to hover within its sleek, minimalist setting. This presentation method accentuates the artwork’s vivid colors and abstract qualities, making it a standout piece that will captivate viewers and spark conversations.

A Statement of Artistic Innovation:

Sean Ruttkay’s “Wave Abstraction” is more than just a photograph; it’s an artistic statement that challenges the viewer’s perception of the natural world. The abstract focus and the play of light give this piece a contemporary edge, suited for modern aesthetics and classic settings alike.

Limited Edition Artwork:

As with all EDA Surf Art pieces, “Wave Abstraction” is offered in a limited edition, enhancing its value and uniqueness as a collectible item. This exclusivity ensures that your piece is not just a decoration, but a distinctive work of art that embodies the spirit of the ocean.

Ideal for Art Enthusiasts and Ocean Lovers:

Whether you’re a collector of fine art, an admirer of abstract photography, or someone who feels a deep connection to the sea, “Wave Abstraction” is an impeccable choice. It’s an invitation to experience the ocean’s allure in a new and artistically profound way.

Add “Wave Abstraction” to your collection or choose it as a memorable gift for a special someone. Let this extraordinary piece of floating glass art by Sean Ruttkay bring a touch of the ocean’s majesty and mystery into your life.

Discover “Wave Abstraction” now on edasurf.com and be swept away by the artistry of the sea.

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