“Summer Nights” – 11×14 Floating Glass Art By Sean Ruttkay




Presenting “Summer Nights” – A Dazzling Addition to the 11×14 Floating Glass Art Collection

Step into a dreamy coastal evening with “Summer Nights,” a mesmerizing piece from Sean Ruttkay’s acclaimed 11×14 Floating Glass Art series, featured in EDA Surf Art’s holiday selection. This enchanting artwork portrays a serene sunset at the Crystal Pier on the Southend of Wrightsville Beach, NC, capturing the essence of idyllic summer evenings by the sea.

A Window to Coastal Serenity:

“Summer Nights” offers a unique perspective from the water, looking west towards the iconic Crystal Pier. The image encapsulates a breathtaking sunset, with radiant colors painting the sky and the tranquil sea glistening in the waning light. The scene is alive with the silhouette of people fishing from the pier, adding a touch of human warmth to the natural splendor.

Elegant Floating Glass Presentation:

Each piece of “Summer Nights” is artfully encased in a floating glass frame, enhancing the artwork’s ethereal quality. The frame’s minimalist design allows the vibrant colors and detailed composition of the sunset to be the focal point, creating a stunning visual impact in any setting.

Artwork Full of Life and Light:

Measuring 11×14 inches, “Summer Nights” is an ideal size to make a significant artistic statement. The artwork exudes a sense of peace and nostalgia, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the beauty of a perfect summer evening on the North Carolina coast.

Limited Edition Collectible:

“Summer Nights” is a limited edition offering, ensuring its status as a unique and valuable addition to any art collection. This exclusivity adds to the allure of owning a piece of Sean Ruttkay’s renowned oceanic art.

The Perfect Gift for Beach and Sunset Lovers:

Ideal for those who cherish coastal vistas or anyone who appreciates the subtle interplay of light and water, “Summer Nights” makes for a thoughtful and exquisite gift. It’s more than just an art piece; it’s a portal to cherished summer memories.

Bring the magic of “Summer Nights” into your home or surprise a loved one with this stunning floating glass artwork. Experience the tranquil beauty of Wrightsville Beach’s summer evenings through the lens of Sean Ruttkay.

Available now on edasurf.com. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this captivating depiction of coastal bliss.

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