‘Sandy’ Art found in North Carolina

It is not often on the East Coast that all the earthly elements come together just right to produce world class waves but right now that is happening from the energy of Hurricane Sandy. Local beaches from Puerto Rico to Nova Scotia are receiving some of the best waves they will see all year in the next 72hrs. Yesterday (Oct. 26) it was my local barrier island’s turn to turn on. From dead low-tide mid day until dark the island’s sand bars were percolating long overhead nuggets. The surfer in me was emotionally crushed due to a fresh injury from the week before. Dry and on land the artist in me needed to make the most of the ideal swell. My self imposed assignment was to work on the technique of motion blur and the composition style of the surf landscape. Below you will find some of my images from this assignment and from the epic afternoon that transpired on this local beach in Southeastern North Carolina.

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