Water Mindfulness

water mindfulness

The life of EDA Surf can be marked by one defining principle and philosophy, it is that water alone can transform the life. In my creative pursuits, it has been watering the wall  that I have discussed most.  But it is the real life day to day physical engagement with water that is the steam powering my positive locomotion.  Based in southeastern North Carolina, world-class activities such as surfing, stand up paddle boarding, open water swimming, and even free diving are minutes away – just outside the door. But there is one activity that I have found brings electrifying life to the body and mind. That is lap pool swimming.  I can see you cringing now. Staring at a line back-and-forth for an hour in a pool … what could be more boring!?  And that is the point. In our modern times, moments with the silent self, “just being” have been lost.  "Breathing Under Water" Water mindfulness Art by EDA SurfHere in the pool, when the commitment is made to abandon electronics for the swim session, to engage the conscious ancient technology of the body, new realms of understanding are to be had.  I know it sounds mystical, but after two years of committed daily practice, I can say from experience that it is truly life-changing.  Depending on the day (either at 5 AM or 9 PM) the pool becomes my physical medium.  In this space, I flow from end to end training the mind to focus on the one and true aspect of living, the breath. In the pool attention to this living necessity is mandatory, because when overlooked, choking ensues. Yes, it is true, 100% attention to the breath is difficult but the attempt is worthy.  As in many quiet moments in life, the past and the future pass through the mind. And when they do, the vexation that ‘time think’ brings is compartmentalized and anchored in conscious breathing.   For instance, I might think of a new idea or remind myself of something I need to do. At that time a voice in my head says, “OK, you will do that, but remember the breath.” Then, as the attention returns to the breath, the flow of the swimming becomes smoother over the body, physically reinforcing the power of thought to the brain.  This is my daily water refuge, but finding your water retreat does not need to be a struggle.  It could be as simple as going to the local retention pond near your work at lunch or even dare I say staring at a glass of water for a few moments in your cubicle.  The thing about the aquatic mediation is that with water all around the only lacking element on this blue earth keeping us from bliss is time and commitment to be water focused.  So on this transformation Tuesday I challenge you to find your own water space and engage it.  Your ‘being’ will thank you.

-Ruttkay / @edasurf

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