The EDA Surf Water Scarf: Wearable Art

From as early on as the Stone Ages, art has served a vital purpose.  It inspires, motivates, leaves room for contemplation, and gives us comfort.  Today in our modern times the substrates available to express an aesthetic message has evolved from the stonewall to infinite substrates and materials.  It is the analysis of Eda Surf that wearable art is the new frontier in art and expression.  Overtime and with a focus on this wearable revelation, EDA Surf will introduce new items each with its own unique conceptual and utilitarian twist.  The first item to be introduced just in time for winter and the holiday season is the EDA Surf ‘Water Scarf.’

What is the EDA Surf Water Scarf’?

Conceptually the EDA Surf ‘Water Scarf’ is a wearable art piece from the linear water collection of EDA Surf.  To the individual wearing the scarf, the feeling of floating or flowing over land or the sensation of crushing through a tropical blue wave during a  morning sunrise is said to be a common sensation when the water scarf is embraced as an accessory.

Physically, each scarf is made of premium habotai silk sized 14″ x 72″ and can be designed in a classic scarf formation or an infinity scarf design where by the ends are seamed.  Starting at $60 each ‘Water Scarf’ is designed and custom made to order by our partnership team in San Francisco, guaranteeing boutique quality.  Order your EDA Surf ‘Water Scarf’ today and feel the power of watering the body!

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