EDA Surf Halloween 2015 Backstory

The more experienced humans among us have said that the speed of time accelerates as one ages.  I have found that this fact exponentially increases when one has children.  Halloween 2015 was just my second of many years ahead where I was able to experience the first doorbell ringing of a child’s life.  This, as my fellow Americans know, is a rite of passage as important as the holding of the wishbone on Thanksgiving or as sitting on Santa’s lap and then freaking out.  However, even the one year old ringing that first doorbell knows the awkwardness of ringing a stranger’s doorbell asking for something.  Let’s face it, Trick-Or-Treating is one step away from door-to-door vacuum sales.  But, in the spirit of the tradition and in the smoothness of the pleasantries of the first neighborly interactions of the night, by door three the next generation has the game figured out.  Confidently approach target – smile – say Trick-Or-Treat – get candy – say thank you – and peace – on to the next house!  By the time we were into the last stretch of homes, this mermaid (3) and monkey (1), were moving with confidence, style, and efficiency that would make any sales executive stop and take notes. IMG_6277

As the young children Trick-Or-Treated at the final house of the night, and we stroll down the neighbors driveway with plenty of choice candies, my mind began to drift (given I was the psychological concept of flow… more about this another time) and I began to reflect on how fast we arrived at this point in time.  It seemed summer was just here and now those memories have turned to golden nostalgia.  Then, with the focus and force of autumn’s breeze, it hit me and a shocking realization set in: It is now November and the Thanksgiving / Christmas session has begun.   Scary as this Halloween realization is, I know that with the power of water and the watering of more walls, it is all going to be an epic time ahead.  That was a good ‘flow‘ I thought, now back to the EDA Surf Art studio with the team.

~ Sean D. Ruttkay

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