COVID-19 Proof Artwork

In this time of COVID-19, all artwork is not created equal. In fact, most artwork particularly framed or canvas substrates can absorb and hold COVID-19 for days potentially spreading it through the house, office, or healthcare space.  But not the weatherproof aluminum substrate from EDA Surf Art.  Since 2005 we have been installing art in healthcare settings across the country with the issue of viral spread top of mind in mind. Our proprietary weatherproof aluminum art medium can be bleached and disinfected daily over the course of its long display life. With a simple spray bottle with a bleach solution and paper towel, the COVID-19 virus is destroyed instantaneously when applied to the art medium leaving the work clean fresh, and gleaming new.  In addition withstanding heavy cleaners like bleach, this weatherproof art medium is fire rated as Class A under ASTM E-84 testing for Flame Spread and Smoke Development.  With the aesthetic look of a stretched canvas with his gallery wrapped edges and without the porous contours of a canvas weatherproof aluminum artwork from EDA Surf Art is the perfect addition to a home that desires to be virus-free during these pandemic times. Water your wall and uplift your consciousness with the power of the ocean and the strength of virus-free artwork.  

Contact us today to start a custom order or when buying off of this site choose ‘Weatherproof Aluminum’ under the medium selection option.  Your art will be clean and you will be stoked!

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