EDA Surf Art flows into the Herman Miller DC Showroom

herman miller showroom healthcare art

If you work in an office, then you know how important the environment is to your productivity.  Last week I stepped into a Herman Miller Showroom and in two seconds it was obvious that these people knew how to build a world class office space. At their Washington DC showroom across the street from The National Gallery of Art, Herman Miller was hosting an Educational Party and Pop Up Healthcare Show where I was honored to have the EDA Surf Healthcare Art line exclusively showcased.  This event for senior healthcare executives, facility planners, architects, designers, and strategic planners, showcased not only Herman Miller’s latest in ergonomic healthcare furniture but a seminar from the Healthcare Advisory Board about the current state of the US healthcare system, followed by an informative presentation as to the best practice for sitting and standing at your workspace.  During the social cocktail and appetizer portion of the event, I had the privilege of meeting and speaking with many of the top individuals in the nation’s health care system.  One of the fascinating takeaways during these conversations was how much change is occurring on the landscape in the physical healthcare space.  With changes in Medicare proposed by the current Republican plan held up in the Senate, hospitals are expecting to take on more of the cost burden. Simply put, the CEO’s are looking at red balance sheets in forecast futures and are tweaking out. This sobering discussion was followed by more joyful conversations about water and how people in such a healthcare facility could improve their condition by being around water imagery.  The EDA Surf Trifecta approach to life (be in water / drink water / look at the water ) was well received and especially enjoyed by the scientist in the room for its empirical structure.  These talks were then followed by cool and practical wall watering discussions.

In takeaway and final analysis, the conclusion is that as the population ages and the population on a macro level suffer due to lax environmental laws, more money is going to be needed to help sick people. Where is the financial support going to come from as the healthcare system needs financial infusion?  As another sunset concludes, we must remember we are all mortal and stand on the thin ice of life and we never know when we too will need to visit a hospital. Hopefully, hospitals will continue to be a part of our health care infrastructure. Water the wall and feel the power.


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