East Meets West in Dropletland

Noriko is on holiday from Japan and knew he could not leave America without stopping in the EDA Surf Art Studio (aka Dropletland ). He picked “Heavy Water” because of the visual meditator of the piece and he could fit it in his suitcase. 

In it, he saw turbulence above and tranquility below apparently a very strong zen concept, or so said his translator sister Chiemi. Their mother Junichi was also in the house and was blown away by my Subaru Outback.  She started taking pictures of it… I asked Chiemi, can you please explain and she said her mom goes snowboarding once a week with her best friend and she has a Subaru exactly like it.It was at this point I became blown away. When the east meets the west in Dropletland it makes for epic cultural times!! I think I should visit them soon… Till then you should come and visit us here in North Carolina.  Contact us today and schedule your appointment below.  We guarantee you will be stoked!

– Sean Ruttkay / @edasurf 


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