Red Bull and EDA Surf Art Collaborate

Winner of WRV Surfboard Art by EDA Surf Art.

Once every year, Pro-Am  Surf Fest brings area pro surfers to Wrightsville Beach, NC.  During this 4 day period, the beach is electric with activity. This year, Red Bull called on EDA Surf Art to perform at the annual ‘Art in the Park’. They would provide the wave riding vehicle on which I would create art over the course of 3 hours. I wanted to create a mixed media piece, collaging surfing and environmental imagery, along with paint.  It would be interwoven by a common theme: ‘nature and its realities.’ The day came and unexpected weather blew in with 20 to 25 mph winds out of the southeast. The materials and surfboard were flying off the easel, but I felt the need to flow with nature. The wind blew, production began, and the final product was well received. The finished product represents 25 EDA Surf Art pieces, cut and interwoven into abstract expressionism. From animal life and waveforms to symbols of finance and marketing, this work represents modern surf life in 2018.  In the end, the board was auctioned off to a member of the public attending the event. Oddly enough, the successful bidder was the wife of an art teacher whose class I spoke to last year. Red Bull is requesting more partnerships with EDA Surf Art. Stay tuned.

– Sean Ruttkay

The final EDA Surf Art product in partnership with Red Bull Organics and Wave Riding Vehicle Surfboards.


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