Micro in the Macro of The NC Azalea Festival

The universal love of plants for the coming of summer is sweeping the nation.  Across the country, local planting festivals are taking place. In the state of North Carolina, it’s the NC Azalea Festival.  Formally celebrated in Wilmington, NC since 1948, the four day spectacles showcases Wilmington’s unique antebellum cultural and historical gardens.  The North Carolina Azalea Festival brings a bliss-laden buzz to whoever embraces the four day festival. After a pomp filled crowning of the queen downtown followed by the festive garden party in the peaking Airlie Gardens, Dropletit is on to walk countless hidden gardens with high school girls “sitting” in full authentic antebellum southern costumes.  Then, into the night with Snoop Dogg, a live, open air concert downtown. It really is a fun and crazy time. But, as culturally significant and interesting as these events are, it is the finite and tiny miracles that can be seen popping off everywhere which hold the most interest to EDA Surf.  To engage this macro landscape, one must focus on the micro. Fortunately, in the age of digital photography it is possible to show this parallel universe scale visually, outside of the artist verbal hyperbole.
-Ruttkay / @EDAsurf

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