EDA Surf unveils 100 new surf art works

morning lows sunrise water art photography
It is said that new art hates old art.  This age old adage is the steam that powers the daily trips into the aesthetic bliss that is the sea.  As the earth continues to spin progression is and must be made.  Now it’s time to share with you this hydro splendor.  That is why after one lap around the sun, EDA Surf is releasing over 100 new surf art pieces available for viewing and purchase in various sizes and mediumSurf Art pieces choices on the EDA Surf Art Studio website.  There you’ll find water in many states of being.  From calming linear formations, to stimulating dynamic swells, EDA Surf is ready to empower and transform your space into a restorative environment.  One that allows you to connect deeply on a visual level with the omnipresent element of water. Begin your optical hydro journey and pick your form of water bliss.  EDA Surf will cover the shipping.  
~ Ruttkay / @edasurf
new surf art canvas

All New EDA Surf pieces can be customized to fit any space and in any style that flows with your aesthetic preference.

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