The Crazy Surf Art Giclée Canvas Blowout

surf art giclee
Socrates before he drinks the hemlock 399 BC

Socrates wearing canvas before he drinks the hemlock 399 BC.

The ancient Egyptians mummified they’re dead with it. The ancient Greek philosophers made robes from it. But it was not till 1400 when Gemäldegalerie painted the Madonna with angels that the French coined the term for this woven linen material as canevas form, the Latin cannapaceus for “made of hemp,” originating from the Greek.  Today, artist canvas is no longer made from hemp but linen and EDA Surf canvases are composed of premium materials. That combined with our state of the art printing technology and modern water visuals will leave the customer with a holistic consciousness enhancing installation. But that’s not all. For a limited time EDASurf is offering these amazing custom pieces for a fraction of our normal cost.  This limited time offer will be available while supplies last. If you take advantage of our free shipping, I guarantee you will be beyond stoked. I’m so confident of this, that this offer is satisfaction guaranteed. So, if you’ve had the desire to water your wall, but your budget has been holding you back, now is your opportunity. Hoping to hear from you shortly.

– Ruttkay / @edasurf


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