Transform Your Office and WIN FREE SURF ART

As we all know the office is a heavy environment.  Our modern lives, to an extent, dictate we must remain inside to work and achieve our goal.  A means to an end.  But in this work time, it is mandatory that the ends be observed visually to invigorate and remind us of what we are working for.  If you’re like me, all undesirable must do tasks are accomplished with the purpose to assure that life will provide future time in the physical space of water.  Being at the beach, swimming, surfing, and generally being with water is where our primal solo wants to be.  So what do you do when you can’t physically be with water? You ‘water the wall’.
office surf art
Now for a limited time, spreading this holistic message to your boss could win you a FREE 24″x36″ EDA Surf Art Piece.  All you have to do is let the boss know how amazing ‘watering the walls’ of the workplace would be for, motivation, concentration, and general well-being in the workplace.  When he/she is enlightened to the simplicity of this decision and purchases an EDA Surf Art package (3 or more piece) you win your FREE piece.  Send some photos of your space in question and let’s start the conversation.  Let’s transform your space holistically with water.

-Sean Ruttkay / EDA Surf


~The Stoked Files~



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