Turn your HDTV into an ART installation

Experiencing nature and internalizing the sensory stimulation of those experiences is at the heart of what it means to be alive. So what to do when you can’t experience nature in its natural state? My answer is to tune into Ambient TV on my EDAsurf.com YouTube Channel.

How does it work? Your at home or at your desk at work and would like some natural background stimulus to complement whatever monotonous task you might find yourself in. To break the monotony you tune to my YouTube Channel EDAsurf1 where you will find a variety of natural stimulus. Swim with sharks and sea turtles. Watch the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean then set over a saltwater lagoon. Feel the cool breeze of a summer rain as water droplets cascade over ripening apples. Best of all these episodes are delivered to you in HD video and audio. In a matter of moments you will go from counting down the minutes left on the clock to feeling the essence of nature.

As I travel to different locations and gather new content for EDAsurf.com I will be uploading new Ambient TV episodes. I am very interested to know your thoughts on this sensory concept and invite you to send me your comments and feedback to my many social media link points (listed below). Thank you for following my work and happy viewing.

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